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Workshop Description

The 2009 “Tribal Rights and Fish Consumption Workshop: Issues and Opportunities for the Pacific Northwest” successfully brought together 64 participants, including 20 speakers, from diverse sectors to discuss relevant studies, share lessons learned for the Pacific Northwest, and determine key issues in Washington State related to tribal fish consumption rates. The workshop took place August 12-13 in Seattle at the University of Washington’s South Campus Center and served as a follow up to an initial workshop entitled "Treaty Rights and Fish Consumption: Honoring Tribes’ Rights in Practice" hosted in 2007 in Seattle, WA by U.S. EPA Region 10.

Participants came from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska and included 27 participants representing 14 tribes. Participants also included 14 academicians, 14 government agency representatives, 6 members of the private sector, and 3 environmental advocates. The Workshop Planning Committee was pleased to award one full fellowship and six partial fellowships. Fellowships awarded included free or reduced registration, lodging, and travel reimbursement.

In their evaluation feedback, a vast majority of workshop participants indicated that the workshop covered material useful to them and that the workshop modules and panel discussion were very valuable. Participants also indicated that the workshop was a very good venue for networking and discussing lessons learned.

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