Trauma Recovery ECHO Clinic

Improving Washingtonians' Resilience and Recovery from Traumatic Events via the Establishment of a Trauma-Informed Care ECHO Clinic ()


Garvey Institute

Principal Investigator:

Project Coordinator: Sophia Robinson

Project Period:

07/01/2021 — 03/31/2022

Project ECHO is a tele-mentoring model, allowing for the sharing of expert knowledge through case-based learning. We offered a free, twice monthly training (from July- December 2021) on Tuesdays from 12-1 pm PST, where experts in the field of mental health care following trauma exposure made short (20 min) presentations on different topics related to treating those living with trauma. We covered topics such as assessment and behavioral treatment of trauma related problems, best practices for medications for trauma related problems, and skills for understanding culturally relevant factors. Lessons were followed by case presentations by clinician attendees. Attendees received recommendations on treatment options from other clinicians attending and the expert team members.

CE credit was also available for those who participate (up to 12 credits).

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