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In the Chinese culture, some base their relationships on the Chinese zodiac from mates to friends, and even business people. Some search for a person with a sign that is compatible to their own; someone, according to the zodiac, who they would get along with well. Only some animals can get along with other certain animals though. For example, one with a tiger sign would search for a person who has a dog sign because it is said that they get along.

According to the Chinese zodiac, people born in the year of the tiger and dog have great communication. However, having the same sign as someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d get along with him or her, but there’s a possibility. The zodiac can also be used to determine whether a relationship would be successful or not. People who seriously believe in Chinese astrology would go to an astrologer before they would get into something as serious as a marriage. This also could apply to friendships and people with whom you would work with. Many people have used this method for a long time and many still use it today.

Cultural Significance | Relationships | Religion | Influence on other Countries



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