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Posted on:
June 6, 2011


*TRIO Quest is FREE, fun, and features awards and recognition for all TRIO students. A Coach Code allows TRIO students to participate. TRIO Staff, get a Coach Code today. TRIO Students, ask your TRIO Program to register a staff member as a Coach so you can participate. Here’s how.

  1. Register as a Staff (required for Coach Reg)
    Note: If you registered with us after November 1, 2010 as TRIO Staff for Onsite or Online Training, you DO NOT need to register again
  2. Next, Register as a Coach
    to receive a REQUIRED Coach Code for students OR to submit entries

*TRIO Quest activities are closely associated to the guidelines within the National Educational Technology Plan, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and portions of the Common Core Standards. TRIO Quest’s goals are to provide engaging and powerful learning experiences using technologies that are at the core of our daily lives. Specifically, TRIO Quest focuses on activities that help TRIO students to learn through the development of skills in research, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation, and proficiency in using technology.

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