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Creating Google Sites using TQ Google Guides for DigiMedia, DigiSites & DigiText

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Posted on:
June 7, 2011


We know it seems daunting to create a website for students to use when creating TRIO Quest 2011 activities. But NOW it doesn’t have to be!

Google Guides for DigMedia, DigiSites, and DigiText are available for you to use when creating Google Sites for your TRIO Quest activities. Each Guide is relevant to the TQ activity that you choose and offers you Options for your program’s needs. For example, the DigiMedia Google Guide below offers programs 3 options to create student Google Sites, as well as some facts to know.

Once you choose your option, you will see the Information and Steps that are specific to this option choice. To view instructions for each step, you simply click the Step and detailed instructions appear beneath each step. Click the step again, and the detailed instructions disappear.

There is a PDF for download to print out if desired.

So, you now have options to get your students into  team or individual Google Sites specific to  their activities. And, you always have us to help you through the process as well! Email tquest@u.washington.edu or call 206-543-9288.

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