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Don’t Despair! You’ve Got Creative Commons!

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Posted on:
June 8, 2011


Did you know that TRIO Quest activities receive more points for original content including images, art, music, graphs, etc? In fact, your entry will be disqualified if you use a copyright image, song, etc. for the DigiMedia and DigiText activities without permission!

NOTE: DigiMedia and DigiText DO NOT ALLOW Fair Use and a student must have permission to use any copyright materials as content; however, DigiSites allows Fair Use and the use of Copyright material with permission. But it is highly encouraged for students to create all original material and/or use a free use resource such as Creative Commons for all three TRIO Quest activities.

So, don’t despair! You’ve got Creative Commons for great music, sounds, images, graphics, etc. Creative Commons, a non-profit organization, believes that it is important to increase creativity through free and legal sharing, use, re-purposing, and remixing.

This means that there are writers, artists, musicians, photographers, etc., who want to share their work and they do it under Creative Commons license! And, here’s the good part, any work created with a Creative Commons license allows you to use it freely as long as you provide attribution to the creator according to the type of license it uses. How cool is that?

And, here’s an even better part, there are millions of terrific Creative Commons’ creations (images, sounds, songs, writings, art, etc.) online and it is growing every day.

I promise I will tell you where to find this cool FREE to use stuff, but first you need to know a little about Creative Commons. I recommend starting with two short and fun videos, A Shared Culture and Wanna Work Together? http://creativecommons.org/videos/

Once you view these videos, find out about the types of licenses under Creative Commons: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/

And, here’s a link to know how to cite something that you use from Creative Commons: http://mollykleinman.com/2008/08/15/cc-howto-1-how-to-attribute-a-creative-commons-licensed-work/ Remember, you will need to attribute any Creative Commons licensed work properly or face disqualification from DigiMedia and/or DigiText.

Finally, here is a Creative Commons for TQ11 PDF with some cool resources for images, music, etc.

Who needs Fair Use or permission when you’ve got Creative Commons!

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