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Posted on:
June 16, 2011


You have to know about this resource if you are creating a DigiMedia, DigiSites, or DigiText entry for TRIO Quest 2011! (NOTE: DigiText rewards original images more highly but Creative Commons’ images are acceptable.)

For images that are free to use as long as you follow the guidelines, check out http://flickr.com/creativecommons/.

Once at flickr.com/creativecommons/ you’ll see the various licensed images that everyone can use as long as they follow the Creative Commons license requirements. There are definitions for the licenses in the right column. If you have questions about this, comment to this blog, and I can help.

Be sure to click “(See more)” under each license group and browse through a gazillion pictures. You can narrow the search once you open a  licensed group: for example, open “(See more)” under the Attribution group, enter a term that will help you find the type of image you need and, voila, those images with Attribution licenses appear. NOTE: to the left of the search text box is another drop-down menu to allow you to search “Everyone’s Uploads”, or just “The Getty Images Collection”, and/or just “The Commons”.

Since the flickr creative commons page contains images that can be used freely, be sure to look through each license group for the type of images that you need; then, cite the image you use according to its license.

Again, please make comments if you have other resources or need clarification, etc. To make a comment, click the title of this blog post; it will open a page with a Comment box at the bottom. This is your Blog too! Let’s talk.

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