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TQ Entry Submissions: 5 Important Things to Do before Final Submission!

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Posted on:
July 7, 2011


So you’re almost ready to submit your TRIO Quest entry into the competition. Nice Job! But, before deciding you’re finished, here are 5 things you must do to a) make sure your entry can be judged, b) make sure you are following the rules, and c) make sure the judges will love what you’ve done.

  1. Your site/entry cannot be judged if you haven’t made TQ11 an owner of your Site and your Storyboard. (Note: a Storyboard is only required for DigiMedia and DigiSites.) Therefore, follow the instructions on your activities Google Site Guide and add TQ11 as an owner for your Site(s), and your Storyboard(s).
  2. Complete your Critical Thinking questions. Take care with this; it can add a lot of points!
  3. Make sure to cite your sources. If you are submitting a DigiText, make sure to cite who took your images, even if you took them yourself! And, if you are submitting a DigiMedia, be sure to credit everyone who worked on or with your video (even yourself). And, if you are submitting a DigiSites, cite resources on web pages where used and then reference them on the required Reference page. Without citation, you cannot get into the finals for any TRIO Quest activity!
  4. If you are under 18, remove all last names or personal information. Judges always note when they see last names or other information that could be detrimental to minors. Since the rules say a minor shouldn’t provide personal information, doing so could affect your scores.
  5. Spell check! Judges really do not like misspellings.  And checking is so easy to do! Be sure to perform a spell check before you submit. The judges will be really happy!

These 5 steps will make the judges happy because they know you’ve paid attention to the rules and they will ensure that your site will be judged. Nothing is sadder than seeing someone’s hard work kept from judging because they have not completed a required step.

OHHHH! It doesn’t hurt to check the “Wanna Win? Checklists” (found on our site under Handouts) one last time! You have been using these checklists, right? I hope so because they will help you to meet the rubrics at the highest levels! …Just say’n.

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