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Onward TRIO Quest…2012!
Your Comments are Shaping a New Look & Process

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Posted on:
November 7, 2011


TRIO Quest 2011 is officially over. The entries have been judged, the results have been posted and certificates, medals, and prizes will arrive soon. It was another heartwarming and wonderful culmination that showcased the solid work and creativity of TRIO students across the nation.

And, now we move forward to TRIO Quest 2012. As always, we look back to see what we can do to improve and what we can do to support TRIO programs and their students. The usual questions are asked: What does TRIO Quest offer to the community? What would TRIO programs like to see in future competitions? These questions were, in fact, asked of participating 2011 TRIO programs and those comments are shaping a new look and process in 2012!

Here is what you said when asked : What does TRIO Quest offer to the community?
Your comments resulted in three clear topics: opportunity, skills development, and intrinsic rewards.

TRIO staff liked the opportunity to work with students through project-based learning, authentic investigation, real world technology, and higher order thinking; they also like building a relationship with students to work together to build a measurable product. In addition, they liked that TRIO students had the opportunity to showcase their skills, learn by doing, work toward a purpose/goal, receive national recognition, learn current tools and cutting edge technologies, and make a difference in their community.

TRIO staff liked that students developed skills in technology enrichment, including Cloud technologies. It was also important that students developed skills in academic research, writing, real world problem investigation/problem solving and higher order thinking.

Finally, TRIO staff liked the intrinsic rewards that TRIO Quest brings: empowerment, motivation, enjoyment in learning, incentives toward reaching for excellence, feeling of accomplishment/self-worth, not feeling disenfranchised, and the realization they could possibly impact their peers/community.

And, here is what you said when asked : What would you like to see in 2012?
From this question we learned what you wanted and what we can do to improve.

We learned overwhelming, you wanted more of the same – the same opportunities, resources, and support that you have received in the past. But, we also learned that there are three areas where you desired change: simplification of process, more resources/opportunities, and specific information about student awards.

We want you to know that hear you! At this time, without changing the elements of the 2011 competition, we are redesigning our TRIO Quest 2012 site to offer a straightforward approach/process, updated resources, and more opportunities for TRIO staff and students. We are trying hard to meet your requests and will begin with what was requested most : a straightforward process.

Please take a moment and check-out a draft example of a new home page, 2012 TQ Overview, which strives to eliminate redundant pages and focus on three simple steps: Register, Create, Submit. Our goal is to start from a Home page where you’ll find links to straightforward steps as well as easy access to resources. Let us know what you think.

And watch for the complete unveiling of TRIO Quest 2012 soon!!

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