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Wordle.net = FUN!

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Posted on:
May 11, 2012


For those creating DigiMedia, DigiSites, or DigiText, you will love Wordle.net! With Wordle.net, you type in words (about something you want to represent, emphasize, inform, conceptualize, etc.), hit Go, and choose from endless randomizations of images.

I typed in the following key words for Digital Storytelling Best Practices:

Digital Storytelling, Storyboard, Script, Purpose, Inform, Convince, Provoke, Question?, Audience, First Draft, Narration, Point of View, Storyboard, Visual Layout, Background Music, Cohesiveness, Media, Free Media Resources, Organize Components, Record, Tools, iMovie, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker, Photo Story, Assemble Media, and Edit.

I don’t know about you but just reading the text is BORING!!! But put these words into Wordle.net and these are two of the countless images I could use!!

Digital Storytelling Best Practices




For more information on Wordle.net go to
Have fun Word-el-ing!!!

And for more information on Digital Storytelling Best Practices, the following are great resources!

Center for Digital Storytelling

Developing Digital Storytelling with Students

The Future of Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Best Practices

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