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TRIO Quest – How to Brainstorm and NOT KILL Creativity! OR, How to Collaborate Effectively!

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Posted on:
May 25, 2012


If you are planning to create and enter a TRIO Quest DigiMedia or DigiSites activity to the TRIO Quest 2012 competition, you need to know that “pre-planning” is required; i.e., you must provide a storyboard, mind map, team log, or other visual planning document within your entry.

Pre-planning essentially begins with brainstorming. And, there are more effective ways to brainstorm than other. For example, you don’t want to brainstorm to the point that it inhibits creativity, right?

According to Effective Brainstorming, a Whitepaper from idfive: Informed Design, collaboration is still the best way to achieve results, BUT we need to follow “mature guidelines”. Here is a summary of their steps to effective brainstorming which also leads to discovered value:

  1. Beware the extrovert bias
    This means introverts have often been the best thinkers in history, but animated and outspoken individuals often get the attention. Giving attention to the extroverted members limits (often brilliant) possibilities that the “quiet” introverted collaborators can contribute. Allow the introverts among your team some time and include them in all decision making.
  2. Challenge assumptions and falsify
    Don’t silence debate; it will limit diverse perspectives and critical thinking. It’s OK to act like a scientist and try to get to the truth through eliminating those things that are false.
  3. Build consensus for hard data
    To help keep competing egos and opinions at bay, begin with the facts.
  4. Utilize relationships, don’t ignore them
    Use existing positive personal dynamics to move your project/entry forward.
  5. Foster genuine, not enforced, respect
    We all have egos and differences will arise.Therefore, be sure to earn respect through the way you communicate during those moments of debate. Respectful communication delivers positive results vs. disrespectful communication.

TRIO Quest believes that these helpful guidelines will not only be helpful during pre-planning, but during production, and post-production as well. These steps will also help you lead in other areas of your life.

To see the entire whitepaper, go to:

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