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Welcome to the Cloud

Oct 28 '11 Web & Cloud Services Comments Off

Welcome to a discussion and sharing platform about existing and evolving applications and services that you can find on the Internet that are free or inexpensive and require nothing more than a computer with a browser and access to the Internet.

This blog will explore a broad range of applications and resources that can help manage programs and provide resources for instruction and learning.  Most of these discussions will focus on applications that run on computer servers at some other organization’s or company’s data center and not at your school or institution. That means you have access to these applications without having to pay the price for the computer servers, storage, licensing, bandwidth or support personnel.  In essence, when a lot of people share the resources required, it becomes inexpensive for the end user to have access.  In fact one of the main driving forces for using applications that are set up like this is that it makes them affordable.  In that sense, the applications are said to be Cloud applications and are what is known as “Software as a Service” or SaaS.

In the next few posts, we’ll look at some of the types of applications that are available in the Cloud and some of the issues you might want to consider if using these with your staff or students in your program.  Feel free to suggest topics or applications for this discussion and we’ll explore them together.

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