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Computer and Data Security

Protecting your computers and the data that resides on them is of obvious importance. Not protecting your computers and the related data that resides therein can result in a broad range of consequences including identity theft.  This blog is meant to be an opportunity to share current information regarding malware threats, preventive practices, free or inexpensive software/services and potential solutions for problems that you might have encountered.

Join the discussion as we look at solving issues like what you should do to protect yourself should you lose a laptop or smartphone.  This will include installing tracking software so that these devices can be recovered. One solution that is frequently used by smartphone and laptop users is the open source solution known as Prey ( which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Droids and iPhones.  If you have a different kind of phone, ask about that and we’ll get back to you with some other solutions.

My next post will deal with encryption and point you to resources and tutorials that you might want to consider using if you are traveling with a laptop that holds any kind of sensitive data.

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