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Create Free Web and Text Polls

Poll Everywhere LogoIncreasingly our staff and students now communicate by text messages or via the Web on their smartphones. Poll Everywhere provides a quick and easy way to gather data from anyone with a cell or smart phone or computer. It lets you ask a question and collect responses via the web, text messaging, or even Twitter. You use it the same way you might use “clickers” or responders with an audience. The polls can be shared by downloading and placing poll slides into your PowerPoint presentation, displaying them from a web page with your projector, or even emailing or embedding them into your web site.

With Poll Everywhere you can create free polls for up to 40 people in just a couple of minutes. Premium plans are available with additional features and for polling more users.

Below is an example of the a free poll that was created in just a few seconds. The first 40 people can vote via the Web or by texting or Tweeting their answer as shown below. You can also view the PowerPoint slides and instructions for this poll.

Poll Everywhere View

When people vote via the web, this is what they see:

Poll Everywhere Web Response

Poll Everywhere ResponsesThe image to the right shows the results for this poll and how people responded. If you are teaching a small class where each student has free access to texting, a smart phone, or a computer, then the free version of Poll Everywhere might be all you need!

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  • Carmen said on May 10th, 2012 #

    This is a great tool for many uses that I can think of for our program. I’m going to share this for sure!