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Edmodo – Safe and Secure – Social Media and/or Learning Management System

Edmodo provides a FREE, safe and easy way for your students to connect, collaborate, and access information. Unlike facebook, Edmodo uses a secure interface to provide a safe social media environment for students and staff. It also provides a lot of resources and support. Check out the Edmodo Blog for Best Practices and other important tips and print out the User Guide below.

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Skype for Education – Build Needed Skills

A FREE global community where students, experts, and educators can collaborate on projects as well as find a library of new ideas.

Skype for Education

TRIO students must learn 21st Century technology and collaboration skills. With Skype for Education they can connect globally to different cultures, languages, and ideas. They can attend a virtual field trip, or talk with scientists…the possibilities are endless.

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WordPress and Social Media

Wordpress to Facebook and Twitter

WordPress is a free content management system that can be used to create and manage websites or blogs. This very blog runs on WordPress! You can start a WordPress site either by creating an account and have it hosted at, or by downloading the software through and installing it on your own server.

There is no need to learn web programming languages like HTML or graphic programs like Adobe Photoshop to create a WordPress site because WordPress comes with a great visual editor and has a library of themes to choose from that you can install. Getting a WordPress website or blog up and running is simpler and easier than you may think!

WordPress can also be connected to Twitter and Facebook, so every time you publish a new post, the information will propagate across your social media. Since more and more programs and educational insitution are using social media as a way to distribute information, I have shared with you on how to do this below. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Voice for Calls and Texts

Google Voice LogoGoogle Voice is a free service that lets you control and manage your calls from the Web or your mobile device. You can get a new phone number or use an existing number to consolidate calls made to multiple numbers and control who can call and when. You can place people into different groups (think staff and students) and handle their calls in different ways. You can also create a program-wide number that can be transferred to whatever staff members you chose without divulging their personal numbers. It makes it easy to record calls and to transfer them from one phone to another.

Google Voice also has powerful features for managing your voice mail and text messages. It allows you to access and manage your voice mail from the web and share voice mails by email. You can compose text messages on your computer and have your text messages sent to your email. It also makes it easy to host conference calls simply by having callers dial your Google Voice number.  Of course there is a mobile app for iPhones, Androids, and Blackberries. Best of all, it’s FREE.
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Create Free Web and Text Polls

Poll Everywhere LogoIncreasingly our staff and students now communicate by text messages or via the Web on their smartphones. Poll Everywhere provides a quick and easy way to gather data from anyone with a cell or smart phone or computer. It lets you ask a question and collect responses via the web, text messaging, or even Twitter. You use it the same way you might use “clickers” or responders with an audience. The polls can be shared by downloading and placing poll slides into your PowerPoint presentation, displaying them from a web page with your projector, or even emailing or embedding them into your web site.

With Poll Everywhere you can create free polls for up to 40 people in just a couple of minutes. Premium plans are available with additional features and for polling more users.

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