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Google SketchUp

Mar 22 '12 Software Comments Off

Google SketchUp is a software we newly added this year to the list of TRIO Quest resources. It is a 3D modeling software, which can be used to design small objects, buildings, and even entire cities. 3D modeling softwares tend to be intimidating to learn because they are so extensive, but we have returned from CUE with a selection cool tips and tricks to share with you that we hope will encourage you and your students to explore the possibilities of creating with Google SketchUp. Read the rest of this entry »

Stretching Your Tech Dollar: Part 4- Academic, Institutional, and Volume Pricing

Mar 2 '12 Hardware & Networks, Purchasing, Software Comments Off

This is the third of a four part series on how to get the best tech for your needs at the best price. If you haven’t already, you might want to read Part 1- Figure Out What You Need, Part 2 -Find the Best Items for Your Needs or Part 3 Finding the Best Price from a Source You Can Trust.

Part 4- Academic, Institutional, and Volume Pricing
The other three posts in this series showed you a way to get the best prices with the fewest hassles on the tech items you need. For some items like software and hardware bought directly from the manufacturer, however, you might want to take an entirely different tact.

Academic institutions often get special pricing on select technology items. You might be familiar with academic pricing for software or computers available to staff and students at your campus bookstore or tech center. But academic departments can often get even better prices by taking advantage of volume pricing available from many manufacturers or software companies. If your institution has negotiated a campus-wide pricing agreement, these discounts can be huge. If they have already purchased a campus license for a particular software title or service, you might even be able to get it for free!

Candidates for Discounts Read the rest of this entry »


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