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Resources: Finding the Best Price from a Vendor You Can Trust

Dec 27 '11 0 Comment

Last Updated: 12/27/2011
Note: These are the supporting resources for our Stretching Your Tech Dollar: Part 3- Finding the Best Price from a Source You Can Trust feature. If you find them useful, you might want to check out that post.

Know what you need, but not sure how to find the best price? Bewildered by all the options on the Web but not sure how to find a vendor you can trust? These sites will help. Note that we do not endorse any specific brands, products, services, or vendors. Whatever and wherever you decide to buy, these sites will help you make the most informed decision. Let us know what other resources you’ve found helpful.

Price Shopping and Comparison
These sites are a great place to start your price search. They usually include links to product and vendors reviews to help. You might want to check out our feature on Finding the Best Price before diving in.

Google Product Search :
Bing Shopping:

One of the oldest and most reliable price & vendor comparison sites. Also lists Rebates and allows you to set a price alert to be notified by email when the price drops on an item you’re following. One other plus: it’s also a good site for vendor reviews that are found both on the product pages and on the Merchant Ratings page.

A price comaprison site that also offers price alerts to notify you when prices drop.

Comparison Shopping Engine Features Chart:
A chart comparing features of these and other comparison sites like Bizrate and

Allows you to search several price comparison sites at once by choosing each one from a list. Useful to learn which site gives the best results for the types of products you’re looking for.

A useful site for comparing prices at local retailers.

The 10 Best Shopping Apps to Compare Prices
Smartphones allow you to research products and prices right in the store, and even scan bar codes to see if you’re getting the lowest price. Check out PC Magazine’s review of the latest way to comparison shop with your smartphone and find the best deals with apps like RedLaser, Google Shopper, and Amazon Price Check.

Vendor Reviews
Most price comparison sites also offer vendor reviews. Check out our related feature on making best use of these sites.  Need to check out a vendor? Here are a few places to start:

Better Business Bureau:
A searchable database from the most trusted source of company reviews.
A great place to check out vendors before you buy. You can also see rankings by category, such as Computers and Consumer Electronics.

A good price comparison site with extensive Merchant Ratings

Dealing with Problems
Better Business Bureau Online Complaint System
If you’re hitting a dead end in trying to resolve a dispute with a merchant, the Better Business Bureau can help mediate a solution. To preserve their reputation, merchants are often responsive to complaints filed through them.

Switchboard Phone Directory
Need to talk to a real person? This is one of the best ways to find phone numbers when they aren’t listed on the company’s website.

Deal and Coupon Sites
See our related feature for advice on getting the best deals. In addition to getting on a store’s email list, here are a few sites that can lead you to some pretty good bargains:


Learn More
How to find the best online deals on electronics
An introduction to sites that offer especially good (if fleeting) deals.

How to Avoid the Biggest Web Shopping Annoyances
A little dated, but some good advice on how to avoid some common headaches while shopping online.

The 10 Best Shopping Engines
A look behind the scenes at 10 highly rated Comparison Shopping Engines from the view of vendors who might want to get their products listed.

PriceBlink Real-Time Price Comparison Tool
An add-on for Firefox and Chrome that helps your find the best price.

Shopping that comes to you: Your guide to the easiest, cheapest shopping ever!
For the true techie in all of us: a way to create your own personal shopping channel by using RSS feeds from multiple shopping sites.

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