O'Donoghue, Liz

Administrative Staff
Research Consultant

With over 15 years experience creating custom relational databases and data tools, Liz's particular expertise lies in making connections between data sets, designing data tools, and developing reports to improve every day work-flow designed to replace manual data analysis tasks with “one-click” data conversion tools. Liz has developed a complex network of database modules that are utilized by our entire organization, including interfaces to track study related patient data, custom assay data tracking tools, and an interfaces to track administrative grant and publication data. Liz also acts as the repository system administrator for the Central Lab of the CITN. Prior to her work at the University of Washington, Ms. O’Donoghue worked as an Independent Consultant developing custom database solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. During this period, she developed a variety of non-research data solutions customized to suit the specific needs of each client. She also worked for 7 years as a system analyst and web master at Microsoft Corporation. Her duties with the Tumor Vaccine Group include developing and maintaining the groups database as well creating new tools to enhance the way we capture and report our research and clinical data.