Marquez-Manriquez, Juan Pablo

Research Staff
Senior Investigator

Dr. Juan Pablo Marquez Manriquez was born and raised in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, México, specifically in the Yaqui Valley. He is a Medical Oncologist educated in México, California and Seattle, WA. His focus is in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, specifically immunoprevention with multi-antigen antigen-specific immunotherapies (vaccines) in combination with clinical immunomodulation, classic cytotoxic chemotherapy (immunogenic chemotherapy) and tumor stroma immunology. He is currently involved in projects to prevent colorectal cancer and gastrointestinal tumors. One of his other leading interests is the relapse prevention of CRC and ovarian cancer.
Since 2002, he has presented scientific work at several international meetings lead by the AACR, ASCO, SITC and ESMO. He has been working as a senior scientist in the Tumor Vaccine Group with Dr. Nora Disis since 2011. Together, they have created a bi-national academic program, CancerVac, to prepare the Immuno-Oncologists of the future with strong emphasis on integrating both clinical experience and laboratory research.
Dr. Marquez Manriquez is the Academic Director of the Sonora Cancer Research Center (CICS). In coordination with CICS and several foundations, he and Dr. Disis are creating the Cancer Vaccine Institute Project to develop preventive vaccines for the most prevalent cancers in the world.