Expression of HLA-DP0401 molecules for identification of DP0401 restricted antigen specific T cells

Original Articles
J Clin Immunology 25(5): 428-36, 2005
Yang J, Huston L, Berger D, Danke NA, Liu AW, Disis ML and Kwok WW
Description / Abstract: 

Human histocompatibility leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DPA1*0103/DPB1*0401 (DP0401) is the most common HLA class II molecule and is present in approximately 45% of the Caucasian population. In this study, soluble HLA-DP0401 molecules were expressed as "empty'' class II molecules in insect cells. Utilizing these soluble DP molecules and the Tetramer Guided Epitope Mapping (TGEM) approach, the influenza A Puerto Rico/8/34 matrix protein (MP) derived peptide MP(41-60) VLMEWLKTRPILSPLTKGIL and the Clostridium tetani Tetanus Toxin (TT) derived peptide TT(634-653) DKISDVSTIVPYIGPALNIV were identified as the DP0401 restricted MP and TT epitopes, respectively. In addition, T cells specific for the cancer testis antigen NY-ESO-1 and the breast/ovarian cancer over-expressing antigen Her-2/neu were detected in DP0401 subjects by DP0401 tetramers. The availability of HLA-DP0401 tetramers should facilitate the study of DP restricted T cell responses.

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