Physical Activity and Nutrition

Resources for Families

  • Bright Futures Family Materials Resources to assist families in fostering overall health among youth. Nutrition and physical activity practice guides, training tools, and family materials are available to help promote healthful weight management.
  • Kid’s Nutrition (Children's Nutrition Research Center at the Baylor College of Medicine) Research, news, and information and resources for parents.
  • Preschooler’s Physical Activity Pyramid (PDF)
  • We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition) is a national program designed as a one-stop resource for parents and caregivers interested in practical tools to help 8-13 year olds stay at a healthy weight. Tips and fun activities focus on three critical behaviors: improved food choices, increased physical activity and reduced screen time. We Can! Reduce Children’s. Screen Time Log (PDF)
  • Youth Physical Activity: The Role of Families From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Resources for Child Care Professionals

  • Bright Futures Based at Georgetown University and sponsored by National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health Bureau, this website offers resources for health professionals and families to assist them in fostering overall health among youth. Nutrition and physical activity practice guides, training tools, and family materials are available to help promote healthful weight management.
  • California Healthy Kids Resource Center Nutrition and health resources for teachers and others who work with children. Curricula, books, and videos that are loaned free-of-charge to all over California residents. Requests for materials are made via the center’s user-friendly on-line catalog.
  • Childcare Nutrition Resource System Site that provides links to Team Nutrition, Healthy School Meals Resource System, Food and Nutrition Information Center, USDA Child Nutrition Programs. Check out the resources link for wide array of information on nutrition, physical activity, and other relevant resources for the child care professional.
  • Childcare & Obesity Issue Briefs. From the Center for Public Health Nutrition at the University of Washington highlight the importance of child care in obesity prevention efforts and outline best practices and policy strategies. The briefs include:
    • Issue Brief 1: Why Child Care Matters for Obesity Prevention
    • Issue Brief 2: Best Practices for Nutrition, Physical Activity & Screen Media Time in Child Care Settings                                    
    • Issue Brief 3: Child Care and Obesity Prevention: What Policymakers Can Do
    • Issue Brief 4: The Case for Increasing Federal Food Subsidies in Child Care
    • Issue Brief 5: The Need for Physical Activity Guidelines in Child Care
  • Dairy Council - Washington State Online and printed catalog of nutrition eduction posters, brochures, and handouts for childhood professionals to use with families of preschool and elementary aged children.
  • Physical Activity for Everyone: Resources for Health Professionals A web site compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The site includes links to community and environmental approaches to increasing physical activity, policy and legislation, and youth oriented physical activity programs.
  • Preschooler’s Physical Activity Pyramid (PDF)
  • Team Nutrition Team Nutrition is an initiative of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service to support the Child Nutrition Programs through training and technical assistance for foodservice professionals, nutrition education for children and their caregivers, and school and community support for healthy eating and physical activity. Lots of great free posters and resources for child care providers can be ordered from their website.
  • Team Nutrition Iowa Learning Tools provides reasources for early childhood education including
    • Physical Activities and Healthy Snacks for Young Children: A set of cards developed for caregivers that give specific ideas for nearly 50 physical activities and healthy snacks.
    • Setting the Stage, Nutrition and Physical Activity Lessons: Lesson plans for early childhood settings that include use of activity cards and appropriate, effective use of TV. Lessons include: Food, Physical Activity and My Body; Food, Physical Activity and My Family; Food, Physical Activity and My Community; and Food, Physical Activity and My World.
  • Superstar Nutrition for Kids Lesson Plans (Oregon Department of Education and Team Nutrition) Online training which includes, lesson plans with handouts, activity sheets, "train the trainer" training for monitors, forms, and nutrition newsletters. Activity sheets and handouts are also available in Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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