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Amir Sheikh

Amir Sheikh has been involved in interdisciplinary research spanning the ecological and earth sciences, urban planning, cultural resource management, and global development. He is also a staff member at the Quaternary Research Center where he contributes to GIS based research with a number of projects including the Puget Sound River History Project and the River Systems Research Group.  He is a project team leader for the Waterlines Project at the Burke Museum.  At the Urban Form Lab, he contributes to various project needs and analysis.

Amir has an academic background in landscape ecology, and holds a master’s degree in Environmental Anthropology. His primary interests lie at the intersections of urban studies and planning, landscape and environmental change, development studies, and public health. He is interested in collaborative projects that bridge academia and the public sphere.

University of Washington
Department of Urban Design and Planning
Box 355740
Seattle, WA 98195

e-mail: asheikh@u.washington.edu

Amir Sheikh