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Philip M. Hurvitz

Philip Hurvitz is Assistant Research Professor in Urban Design & Planning in the University of Washington College of Built Environments Urban Form Lab. He received his PhD in 2011 under the supervision of Anne Moudon, Adam Drewnowski, Miles Logsdon, and Gaetano Borriello.

He specializes in the objective measurement and analysis of the built environment using GIScience methodology. His current research investigates the relationship between physical activity and built environment at fine spatial and temporal scales. Using new-generation devices that measures activity and location in real time, the data are being used to find associations between the types of activities people engage in and the types of environments people use as they go about their daily lives. He collaborates with researchers specializing in nutritional epidemiology and exercise physiology for the purpose of understanding the relationships between built environment, diet, and physical activity.

Phil received a Master of Forest Resources degree in 1994 at the UW College of Forest Resources where he helped develop and implement a GIS for the Makah Indian Nation. His Bachelor's degree (1983) is from Seattle University in Humanities. Prior to his current appointment, he worked as a GIS specialist for the College of Forest Resources, the City of SeaTac, the Seattle Water Department, and an instructor at the University of Washington and Green River Community College.

University of Washington
Department of Urban Design and Planning
Box 355740
Seattle, WA 98195

email: hurvitz@u.washington.edu

Phil Hurvitz