Current Board

  • Deborah Martin
    Clark University

Vice Chair:
  • Caroline Nagel
    University of South Carolina

  • Pablo S. Bose
    University of Vermont

Board Members:
  • Christy Jocoy
    Cal State Long Beach
  • Brenda Kayzar
    University of Minnesota
  • Xingjian Liu
    University of Hong Kong
  • Hamil Pearsall
    Temple University
  • Trushna Parekh
    Texas Southern University
  • Malini Ranganthan
    American University
  • Brian Rosa
    Queens College, CUNY

  • Student Board Members:
    • Ben Gerlofs
      Rutgers University
    • Emma Colven


The Urban Geography Speciality Group (UGSG) is open to all members of the Association of American Geographers, both students and non-students.  The yearly fee is just $2.00.  To become a member of the affinity group, simply select UGSG from the list found in the “Specialty and Affinity Group Memberships” section of the AAG’s membership application form.  If you are already a member of the AAG and would like to join the affinity group, please contact the AAG at (202)-234-1450

To receive news about our activities and awards join the listserv. (Note: AAG membership is not required to join our listserv.)

Membership Checklist

  1. Join when you renew your membership or become a member of the AAG
  2. Visit the UGSG Knowledge Community at the AAG to receive discussion e-mails
  3. Reap the benefits of UGSG membership!