Current Board

  • Kevin Ward
    U of Manchester

Vice Chair:
  • Deborah Martin

Board Members:
  • Nazgol Bagheri
    University of Texas-San Antonio
  • Kate Driscoll Derickson
    University of Minnesota
  • Hongmian Gong
    CUNY-Hunter College
  • Kevin Keenan
    College of Charleston
  • Colleen McTague
    University of Cincinnati
  • Sara Metcalf SUNY-Buffalo
    • Sandra Zupan
      University of Kentucky

    Student Board Members:
    • Ben Gerlofs
      Rutgers University
    • Dylan Simone
      McMaster University

Past Newsletters

Between 1980 and the end of the 2012 the UGSG produced newsletters for its members. Sometimes the newsletters were four times a year, at other times they were produced annually. The first one was assembled and edited in early 1980 by the then Chair of the Speciality Group, Tom Baerwald (Department of Geography, Science Museum of Minnesota). In this first communications foray Tom explained “This newsletter is the first of what we hope will be regular correspondences with you to keep you up to date on activities of the UGSG and to ask for your continued suggestions and comments to improve our efforts.” Thirty two years later, and despite the rapid changes in information technology in the intervening years, these central concerns were present still in the last newsletter that was edited by the then chair, Sarah Elwood (University of Washington).

Below are copies of many of these newsletters, including digitalized copies of the earliest ones thanks to Bob Lake (Rutgers University), who was one of the 29 who met in the Washington Room of the Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia on 24 April 1979!