2nd Annual Gingerbread House Competition

May the best team win!

May the best team win!

On November 30, 2010, the Association of Black Business Students (ABBS) and ALPFA hosted the 2nd Annual Gingerbread House Competition, sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the big four accounting firms.  The goals of the Holiday Bash were not only to create interconnections and relationships within the business community but also to invite and unite the general UW population as well.  The event was also created to promote diversity by inviting an expansive range of organizations with various concentrations in business (Ascend, Undergraduate Business Council, Social Entrepreneurship Club) to cultural (Black Student Union, Sisterhood, RETRO, etc.).  By opening the event to the general public, our goal was to attract individuals who may have not had the same opportunities as the business community in being able to explore the business field to their liking. This event enabled both business and cultural organizations to intermingle, creating new networks and bonds otherwise unforeseen. Around 80-90 individuals, including participating organizations, representatives from PWC, and unaffiliated attendees, comprised the spectators at the event. The winning organization was Motivated Undergraduates Succeeding Honorably (Mush), with a double decker house, complete with accessories, such as hot tubs, a sunroof and many other goodies.  The 2010 2ndAnnual Gingerbread House Competition Holiday Bash was created to benefit the UW and served as an enjoyable time for UW’s students and staff before finals and the holiday season.

Louie Tran, Sophomore
Association of Black Business Students – V.P. of Campus Relations

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