CISB International Night

Let's the international gastronomic adventures begin!

International Feasting

On November 12th, Andrea Gomes said a few words, we kicked off the coming Global Biz Week with an all-CISB, buffet style, multicultural dinner.  The evening provided a perfect opportunity to mingle with students from other areas of study as well as experience some culture through food.  Each of the different tracks brought a dish or two to represent their language focus, providing a world tour for the taste buds!  Everything from sauerkraut to quesadillas to pot stickers made brief appearances and were consumed in record time. 

Based on the number written on your nametag, everyone was divided at random into 10 tables of students from different tracks.  After we’d finished eating and socializing it was time for International Trivia.  Each table worked as a team to answer 30 questions, some of which were pretty simple, some of which were not.  For example, Q: After which castle in Germany was the Disney “Sleeping Beauty” castle designed? A: Neusch…. I would give you the answer but for fear of spelling it wrong, you can look that one up yourself.  Congrats to tables 7 and 10 for winning!  Go Team.

One last quick reminder, don’t forget to check out some of the events going on this coming week! If they’re anything like last nights dinner, you won’t want to miss them.   

-Sarah Peterson (Sophomore, CISB- Spanish Track)

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