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UMCA/E&Y Case Competition

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Undergraduate Management Consulting Association, in collaboration with Ernst & Young Advisory, hosted the second annual UMCA/EY Case Competition on April 8th. With over 80 participants divided amongst 20 separate teams, this competition was one for the records!

The 2011 Winning Team

The 2011 Winning Team

 E&Y client bizXchange ( was the subject of the “live case” – meaning students were consulting on a real problem the company is facing today. All materials were created using factual data and written by bizXchange executives. Teams were challenged with figuring out a transformative solution in shifting from B2B to B2C. Cases were handed out only 40 hours before presentation, so as to simulate a strong deadline in the real world. Presentations were 10 minutes in length followed by 10 minutes of collaborative question and answer.

Judges, made up of company management and E&Y professionals, were thoroughly impressed with both the quality of suggestions and the presentations themselves. Each division had one preliminary round winner who advanced to the final round presentations. Congratulations to Kroeg & Mixson Consulting– team members Jared Egge (Senior), Rich Tigges (Junior), Brooke Schwan (Senior) and Vincent Lucero (Junior)– for their first place presentation. All four finalists received bizXchange dollars, LinkedIn recommendations and a gift bag full of E&Y swag!

Case Competitions at Foster continue to provide a unique, out of the classroom application of critical thinking and strategic development skills. Students are asked to work with one another in real life situations and are presented with an amazing opportunity to hone their presentation and professional repertoires. UMCA is inspired by the amount of individuals looking to participate and already looking forward to next year’s event!

-Kevin Durkin, Senior, Accounting
A student team collaborates to perfect their presentation.

A student team collaborates to perfect their presentation.

Foster Business Week 2010

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

UBC members sell t-shirts and tickets at the BizBQEach year, the Undergraduate Business Council coordinates the largest student-run event at the Foster School each May. Foster Business Week is made up of individual events– from speakers to barbeques to awareness events– all put on by Foster clubs and organizations in order to raise awareness of the business school on campus, and to celebrate our Foster community.

This year, Michelle Choe won the FBW Theme Contest with her submission of  ”Work it Harder, Make it Better, Do it FOSTER, Makes us Stronger” and the planning kept rolling from there. By the time the week was over, events included: Musical Chairs Tournament sponsored by ABBS;  the 2nd Annual Ethics Case Competition sponsored by MUSH and UBC; the  Spring Cruise sponsored by AKPsi; Salsa Dance Lessons sponsored by HBSA; Sales Career Fair sponsored by USC and the always popular Foster Pub Crawl on the Ave sponsored by UBC.

This was the last year that the annual BizBQ was held at Balmer Hall, due to the building’s scheduled demolition in the Fall. Undergraduate Programs Office staff flipped burgers and veggie burgers for the 12th year in a row, and all of those burgers fed over 450 people in two hours– including some of the construction workers who are completing the new Paccar Hall!

The week was a huge success, and plans are already under way for Foster Business Week 2011!

Members of UBC and MUSH with the winners of the 2nd Annual Foster Ethics Case Competition.

Members of UBC and MUSH with the winners of the 2nd Annual Foster Ethics Case Competition.

Students scramble for seats at the Musical Chairs Tournament sponsored by ABBS.

Students scramble for seats at the Musical Chairs Tournament sponsored by ABBS.

Ernst & Young/UMCA Case Competition

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

 Ernst & Young



On April 9th 56 students participated in the first annual Ernst & Young and UMCA case competition.

Case Competitions provide an excellent opportunity for students to work together in groups and practice their business skills, analytical thinking, and public speaking.  In the Fall of 2009 the Undergraduate Management Consulting Association (UMCA) decided that as a consulting organization it needed to offer a case competition so that students could actually get their hands on analyzing and solving a business case; just like they would in consulting.

There are numerous case competitions on campus but few that are hosted by the “all-star” companies that numerous students try to get jobs with.  This was where UMCA reached out the Ernst & Young.  As it turned out Ernst & Young was more than eager to partner in setting up a case competition.  The partnership between UMCA and Ernst & Young allowed for both entities to focus on what they specialize in.  UMCA focused on reached out to students and organizing logistics and Ernst & Young set out to find judges and a case.

14 teams, making a total of 56 students, analyzed a case related to how Pandora Radio can generate profit.  The judges were impressed with what solutions the students came up with, ranging from hardware devices to online advertising.  Ultimately the judges were most impressed and awarded first place to Vance Rouch, Venkat Rao, Elaine Raymond, and Cameron Chin.  These students will get the opportunity to have dinner with numerous Ernst & Young Partners and Recruiters.

The first annual Ernst & Young and UMCA case competition was a huge success and with numerous teams on the waitlist this year, we are eager to expand the case next year.

-Peter Fantham, Senior, Marketing/Info Systems