Personal Testimony: Deborah in Pennsylvania

Feb 24 2012

Deborah in Pennsylvania writes to us:

I have been unemployed for almost a year now with no luck in finding a job. I live in the state of Pennsylvania and have all my life. I worked here for over thirty five years with the exception of three and a half months when I was transferred to Delaware. I collected unemployment the first six months from Pennsylvania and recieved $406.00 per week. Then I was forced to collect from Delaware, reducing my income to $236.00 per week.

I am about to lose my home that I have worked so hard for and is all that I have. I have tried to get help from welfare, and they say I make too much money to get any assistance. I don't know where the American Dream is, but it is not here in the USA.

I am about to lose everything I have worked so hard for all my life for. I have borrowed from everyone that I could and can't get anymore. I have eaten at family and friends because I can't  afford to buy food. I guess when I am on the streets and have no where to live I won't be able to get anything, because I won't have an address. Is this the new American Dream - to be HOMELESS???

Thank you for listening. Sometimes it just helps to vent.

We invite others to write us or submit videos with their stories. Together we will amplify the voice of the Unemployed Nation.