Personal Testimony: Nathan in Kent, WA

Mar 9 2012

Nathan in Kent, WA writes to us:

I was laid-off from a city job in 2011 due to budget cuts. I had been there almost 9 years. It was a professional, non-management job, and I have a 4-year college degree.

It was a union job and I was bumped from my job when another union member who was initially laid-off filed a grievance with the management and it went to arbitration. The ruling 15 months later meant I would be laid-off and the other guy took my job.

The irony was I was a shop steward for that union for three years and no one else in my work group, not even the guy who took my job, would step-up to be the shop steward, so I was stuck with the role.

Subsequently, I have held temporary positions, sometimes with benefits, but at a rate 2/3rds of what I earned before. My current temp job ends 3/31/2012 and I'm still searching for where I'll be in April and beyond.

I have applied for over 200 positions in a year and have had about a dozen interviews.

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