Personal Testimony: Kathleen in Federal Way, WA

Mar 19 2012

Kathleen in Federal Way, WA writes to us:

I have been unemployed since March 2009 when the company I worked 20 years for terminated me. I was able to go back to school for 5 quarters, received 2 certificates, graduated with Honors, passed my cerification as a medical coder (CPC-A) and still cannot find a job because I do not have experience.

My unemployment insurance ran out. I receive Social Security benefits only because my husband passed away. This barely pays my bills. I do not have medical insurance because I cannot afford it. I cannot get welfare for medical because I make too much. Trying to hold on to my house I have lived in for thirty years is very hard.

Then I read about the ever widening gap between the wealthy and middle class; it makes me mad. How are the rich going to stay rich when a lot of people are unemployed and can't afford to buy and invest?

I love my country and would not the live anywhere else; however, what is happening to it? My American dream is fading a bit.

We invite others to write us or submit videos with their stories. Together we will amplify the voice of the Unemployed Nation.