Personal Testimony: Sue in Redmond, WA

Apr 12 2012

Sue in Redmond, WA writes to us:

I was laid off in January 2010. I was out on a Leave of Absence from work because I had pneumonia and I was sent a WARN notice from my place of employment.  It was like a kick in the teeth while I was already down. 

I looked for work in the Information Technology field for 20 + years.  I believe that my age has been a factor in my layoff notice as well.  They had gotten rid of everyone in the organization that was over 50.  I was one of three that were left. 

I had laryngeal cancer in 2001 and I continued to work since I had cancer and never have had a problem with communication.  I have been looking for full time employment but have not been able to get past the interviews with the contracting companies.  I do not come across on the telephone very well because my voice cannot be heard over the telephone always. 

While I have been unemployed, I completed my education and earned my Bachelor degree in Information Technology on my own money.  I have been working in the field already and thought it would only improve my chances of obtaining a job.  I have not found employment as of today.  I have run out of unemployment benefits.  I have applied for Social Security Disability.  But I would prefer to be working at a job.

I started working at 15 and have worked all my life.  I’m not afraid of working and just want to be given a chance. It has been very depressing to not be able to find a job since I was laid off.  It has been difficult on my marriage.  We have not been able to refinance our home since I have been unemployed.  It does make me feel as if I’m not worth anything after all the jobs I have been submitted for and then not being able to get to a actual interview. 

I don't know where the American Dream is, but it is not here in the USA.