Personal Testimony: Marty in Redmond, WA

Apr 18 2012

Marty in Redmond, WA writes to us:

I was an administrative assistant with over 20 years work experience. I was also a long distance operator for nine years prior to that. I was able to transfer skills and re-invent myself into secretarial work after I quit the phone company, then took computer classes, and learned Microsoft Office.

I have been unemployed since 2001, around the time Bush took office. Since I was collecting unemployment I had to look for work and I wanted badly to find a job, but at 49 I just couldn't seem to find someone interested in hiring me. I lost count of all the places where I applied, but do recall I had a handful of interviews at the most.

During this time, something happened to me. I found five positions over a period of ten years--and lost every one of them. I am bipolar and had been taking medication, well, for a really long time but never gave any thought as to how if might be affecting me--after all, I need it.

I lost three jobs after a week, and 2 after 8 weeks. I do not know what happened to me. I was ecstatic to get a job, any job, and I have a strong work ethic. But somehow I went from being the employee that everyone loved to being the employee that no one wanted. I still don't get it.

I'm on disability for the time being (God knows the state probably is waiting for a chance to take it away, they turned me down enough times). I can no longer even go to school, any little stress and I experience severe sleep problens. I'm almost 60 now, and have lost all confidence in being able to find any job, especially now that administrative assistant-type jobs are pretty much obsolete.

I'm not the person I used to be and I hate it. I want my life back. I have to live with my mother since my disability is not enough for me to be able to afford my own place. I blame Bush for this--until he took office I had a life and under his watch it was taken away.

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