Cynthia in Snohomish, WA

May 8 2012

Cynthia in Snohomish, WA writes to us: 

I lost my job last year on March 22, 2011. I still dont have a full-time job. I am trying and have had no success in getting a job. I am in the healthcare industry, but I am also 55 and I believe that is my issue. I do medical reception, patient registration and can do most any job in the financial counseling department.

I had a woman that I did a contract job for say it was pointless to go to school for the HUC certificate I wanted. Her reason was that I already have all the experience.I also think the industry is pretty hard to get into if you don't know someone.

In a few weeks, I will not be able to get unemployment, and still am unemployed. I really think that our country should not stop the extensions, but they have. We need help.

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