Brittany in Puyallup, WA

Aug 14 2012

Brittany Thovsen in Puyallup, WA writes to us:

I will be without a full time job, for 2 years, on August 1st. I am frustrated, depressed, mad at myself and politicians, and completely at a loss any more about what to do. I listened to the hearing on the 23rd, from the capitol and it made me more sad and depressed. It made me realize though that I wasn't the only one. I did take one thing to heart, I realized I had stopped fighting. I have stopped being pissed about not finding a full time job and have just become desperate to find a part time job. This isn't right!

I should still be mad, pissed, and angry at this State and Federal government for not caring about it's citizens. I was notified I wasn't eligible for anymore extensions of unemployment the first part of April, right after I was told I would get another extension. I am on the Workfirst program so that my family can get $424 a month. Ooooh and we get free health care. Oh and we are grateful for the $600 in food stamps. Personally I would rather get a full time job and take care of my family!! I hate hand outs!

It took what pride I had left to ask my parents for a loan. They just retired and I am 43, my husband (who has not worked longer than I have) is 42, we shouldn't be borrowing to survive!! It makes me sick to my stomach. Then I start wondering why would anyone hire someone who hasn't worked in 2 years. I finally in February took a part time job, as a Substitute Para-educator for the Puyallup School District. That job ended at the end of the school year. I can go back in September.

All I want to do is go to work and support my family. My husband and I pick up landscaping/mowing jobs here and there for cash, but I just blew a disk out in my back. Now I can't lift anything, and going to interviews trying to act like your back doesn't hurt or take muscle relaxers and try not to fall asleep in the interview, is not a great choice. We are holding on by a shoe string, hoping something changes.

I think moving out of state might be an option, but where? It seems just as bad everywhere else, except maybe North Dakota. We are a family of four. Our 18 year old just graduated and has a part time job at Leschwab. He and our 7 year old share a bunkbed in our small 900 square foot single family rental. We pay $700 a month rent and that doesn't include utilities. You see our problem. DSHS tells me to find a cheaper place to rent. What? 4 people in a studio apartment is not an option. Our oldest wants to go to Clover Park Tech College in the fall.

I want answers to my problems and I want to help others, like myself, fight for our rights as US citizens. We need to be heard and "going GREEN", building bridges, and stupid other ideas are not working! Making us into a USSR of the 70's is more what it feels like. I am waiting for the day I have to stand in line for bread.