Jane in Tacoma, WA

Jan 10 2013

Jane in Tacoma, WA writes to us:

I have been experiencing longer periods of unemployment ever since autumn 2006. I've been trying to build a career from freelance and contract work and haven't been gaining any traction. In the last three years I've worked only nine months. In a field like web content management, that is certain death, because if you are not using, let alone adding to your skill level you are actively losing it. This in effect now renders me unemployable in my field.

Economic incentives to employers will not be enough to influence the tide of no work. A person cannot constantly be in the process of re-skilling. At some point you have to stop and actually use what you have learned... If anyone will let you.

I want to work. I do not want to be an economic burden to my husband, or anyone. If the employment security department has no authority to create solutions, all it can do is administer UI payments. That's great, but then who will do the problem-solving??? An individual is inundated with advice and possibilities, but this does not address so many other issues, especially for people in their fifties who are not considered desirable candidates.