About the Unemployed Nation Hearings

More than 23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. They are so numerous that they could populate a nation, a distressed and forgotten nation, a nation whose voice remains unheard.

On March 30-31, 2012, an important two-day event convened to amplify that voice: the Unemployed Nation Hearings. The Hearings featured testimony from people whose lives have been gravely impacted by unemployment. Additional commentary was provided by scholars, community services and public officials.

Through this website, the Unemployed Nation Hearings live on. Collected here are videos and press coverage of the Hearings; written and video testimony of the unemployed; and news, analysis and resources related to unemployment.


Graphs: Job Loss Since World War II

Jan 12 2012

The economics blog Calculated Risk has posted several graphs that place the job losses in the current downturn in historic perspective - in a very striking way.

Report: Working Women Falling Behind in WA

Dec 28 2011

From the Washington News Service:

SEATTLE – For women in the workforce in Washington, 2011 could be summarized as a year of treading water – or even sinking a bit. According to a new report, women’s wages and benefits in the Evergreen State continue to lag behind those of men. Even in the same job and age range and with similar education, a woman’s average monthly pay is 63 percent of what a man earns per month.

When the recession began, men were laid off at a faster pace than women. But Tatsuko Go Hollo, policy associate with the Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI), says now that the recovery is officially under way, that trend has reversed.



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