Recent Publications

Marina Alberti

Alberti, M. Cities as Hybrid Ecosystems. UW Press. Forthcoming 2011.

Cuo, L., Beyene, T.K., Viosin, N., Su, F., Lettenmaier, D.P., Alberti, M., and J.E. Richey. In Press. Effects of mid-twenty-first century climate and land cover change on the hydrology of the Puget Sound basin, Washington. Hydrological Processes.

Alberti, M. 2010. Maintaining ecological integrity and sustaining ecosystem function in urban areas. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 2 (3): 178-184.

Hutyra, L.R., Yoon, B., and M. Alberti. 2011. Terrestrial carbon stocks acroos a gradient of urbanization: A study of the Seattle, WA region. Global Change Biology. 17 (2): 783 - 787.

Alan Borning

Brian Ferris, Kari Watkins, and Alan Borning, OneBusAway: Location-Aware Tools for Improving Public Transit Usability, IEEE Pervasive Computing, Vol. 9 No. 1, Jan-March 2010, pages 13 - 19.

Gordon Bradley

Kearney, A.R., Bradley, G. 2011. The effects of viewer attributes on preference for forest scenes: Contributions of attitudes, knowledge, demographic factors, and stakeholder group membership. Environment and Behavior. 43: 147-181

Kearney, A.R., Tilt, J.H., Bradley, G.A. 2010. The effects of forest regeneration on preferences for forest treatments among foresters, environmentalists, and the general public. Journal of Forestry. Volume 108, No. 5, Pages 215-229

Cynthia Chen

Gong, H.; Chen, C.; Bialostozky, E. and Lawson, C. A GPS/GIS Method for Travel Mode Detection in New York City. Computers, Environment, and Urban Systems (accepted).

Chen, C. and Lin, H. Decomposing Residential Self-selection via a Life Course Perspective. Environment and Planning A (accepted).

Chen, C.; Gong, H.; Lawson, C., and Bialostozky, E. (2010) Evaluating the Feasibility of a Passive Travel Survey Collection in a Complex Urban Environment: Lessons Learned from the New York City Case Study. Transportation Research Part A 44(10), 830-840.

Loo, B.; Chen, C., and Chan, E. (2010) Rail-based Transit-oriented Development: Lessons from New York City and Hong Kong. Landscape and Urban Planning 97(3), 202-212.

Chen, C. and Varley, D. (2010) What affects Transit Ridership? A Dynamic Analysis Involving Multiple Factors, Lags, and Asymmetric Behavior. Urban Studies. DOI: 10.1177/0042098010379280

Mark Ellis

Richard Wright, Holloway, Steven, Mark Ellis (2011), Reconsidering Both Diversity And Segregation: A Reply to Both Poulsen, Johnston, and Forrest; And Peach. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 37: 167-167.

Holloway, Steven, Richard Wright, Mark Ellis, The Racially Fragmented City? Neighborhood Racial Segregation and Diversity Jointly Considered. Forthcoming in Professional Geographer

Wright, Richard, Mark Ellis, and Steven Holloway, Where Black-White Mixed Couples Live. Forthcoming in Urban Geography.

Sarah Elwood

Accepted, January 2011. Elwood, S., Goodchild, M., and Sui, D. Researching volunteered geographic information (VGI): Spatial data, geographic research, and new social practice. Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

In review. Elwood, S. and Mitchell, K. Children's politics: Mapping a new public sphere. Geografiska Annaler, Series B, submitted 3/18/2011.

In review. Mitchell, K. and Elwood, S. Mapping Politics: Children, Representation, and the Power of Articulation. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, submitted April 2011.

2011. Elwood, S. Geographic Information Science: Visualization, visual methods, and the geoweb. Progress in Human Geography 35(3): 401-408.

2011. Elwood, S. and Leszczynski, A. Privacy reconsidered: New representations, data practices, and the geoweb. Geoforum 42(1): 6-15

2011. Elwood, S. Participatory approaches in GIS and Society research: Foundations, practices, and future directions. In The Handbook of GIS and Society Research, Eds. T. Nyerges, H. Couclelis, R. McMaster. London: Sage Publications, pp. 381-399.

2011. Elwood, S., Schuurman, N., and Wilson, M. Critical GIS. In The Handbook of GIS and Society Research, Eds. T. Nyerges, H. Couclelis, R. McMaster. London: Sage Publications, 87-106.

2011. Elwood, S. Nonprofit organizations and the urban social geographies of Seattle. In Seattle: Geographies of Here and Beyond, Eds. M. Brown and R. Morrill. Seattle & London: University of Washington Press, pp. 108-114.

2011. Elwood, S. and Ghose, Reflection essay: PPGIS in community development planning. In Classics in Cartography, Eds. J. Crampton and M. Dodge. John Wiley & Sons, pp. 108-118. (Commentary on re-printing of: Elwood, S. and Ghose, R. 2001, PPGIS in community development planning: Framing the organizational context. Cartographica 38(3/4): 19-33.)

2010. Elwood, S. Geographic Information Science: Emerging Research on the Societal Implications of the GeoWeb. Progress in Human Geography 34(3): 349-357.

2010. Jung, J. and Elwood, S. Extending the qualitative capabilities of GIS: Computer-Aided Qualitative GIS. Transactions in GIS 14(1): 63-87.

2010. Elwood, S. Thinking outside the box: Engaging critical GIS theory, practice and politics in human geography. Geography Compass 4(1): 45-60.

Elaine Faustman

Grant K.S., Burbacher T.M. and Faustman EM. Domoic Acid: Neurobehavioral Consequences of Exposure to a Prevalent Marine Biotoxin. Neurotoxicology and Teratology 2010: 32(2): 132-141.

Robinson J.F. , Guerrette Z. , Yu X.Z., Hong S. and Faustman EM. A Systems-Based Approach to Investigate Dose and Time Dependent Methylmercury-induced Gene Expression Response in C57BL/6 Mouse Embryos undergoing Neurulation. Birth Defects Research Part B: Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology: 2010: 89(3):188-200.

Robinson J.F., Yu X., Hong S., Zhou C. , Kim N. , Demasi D. and Faustman EM. Embryonic toxicokinetic and dynamic differences underlying strain sensitivity to cadmium during neurulation. Reprod Toxicol. 2010: 29(3): 279-85.

Yu X., Robinson J.F. , Sidhu J.S., Hong S. and Faustman EM. A system-based comparison of gene expression reveals alterations in oxidative stress, disruption of ubiquitin-proteasome system and altered cell cycle regulation after exposure to cadmium and methylmercury in Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast (MEF). Toxicol Sci. 2010: 114(2):356-77.

Moreira EG, Yu X, Robinson JF, Griffith WC, Hong S, Beyer R, Bammler TK, and Faustman EM, Toxicogenomic profiling in maternal and fetal rodent brains following gestational exposure to chlorpyrifos. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 2010: 245(3):310-25.

Costa LG, Giordano G and Faustman EM. Domoic acid as a developmental neurotoxin. Neurotoxicology 2010: 31(5): 409-23.

Coronado, GD, Griffith, WC, Vigoren, EM, Faustman, EM and Thompson, B Where's the dust? Characterizing locations of azinphos-methyl residues in house and vehicle dust among farmworkers with young children. J Occup Environ Hyg 2010: 7(12): 663-671.

Robinson JF, Griffith WC, Yu X, Hong S, Kim E, and Faustman EM, Methylmercury induced toxicogenomic response in C57 and SWV mouse embryos undergoing neural tube closure. Reproductive Toxicology, 2010: 30(2): 284-91.

Robinson JF, Port JA, Yu X, and Faustman EM, Integrating Genetic and Toxicogenomic Information For Determining Underlying Susceptibility to Developmental Disorders. Birth Defects Research Part A-Clinical and Molecular Teratology, 2010: 88(10): 920-930.

Robinson JF, Yu X, Moreira EG, Hong S, and Faustman EM, Arsenic- and cadmium-induced toxicogenomic response in mouse embryos undergoing neurulation. Toxicol Appl Pharm. 2011: 250(2): 117-129.

Yu X, Sidhu JS, Hong S, Robinson JF, Ponce RA, and Faustman EM, Cadmium Induced p53-Dependent Activation of Stress Signaling, Accumulation of Ubiquitinated Proteins, and Apoptosis in Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast Cells. Toxicol Sci, 2011. 120(2): p. 403-12.

Wexler P, Gilbert SG, Thorp N, Faustman EM, Breskin DD. The World Library of Toxicology, Chemical Safety, and Environmental Health (WLT). Hum Exp Toxicol. 2011: In Press Nov 11 2010; DOI: 10.1177/0960327110389500 (Epub ahead of print).

Yu X, Sidhu JS, Hong SW, and Faustman EM, Arsenite induced differential accumulation of high molecular weight ubiquitin-conjugated proteins and activation of cellular stress response in TP53 genotypes cells. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 2011: Submitted.

Coronado GD, Holte S, Vigoren EM, Griffith WC, Faustman EM, and Thompson B, Organophosphate Pesticide Exposure and Residential Proximity to Nearby Fields: Evidence for the Drift Pathway Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2011: In Press.

Griffith WC, Curl CL, Fenske RA, Lu CA, Vigoren EM, and Faustman EM, Organophosphate Pesticide Metabolite Levels in Pre-school Children in an Agricultural Community: Within- and Between-Child Variability in a Longitudinal Study. Environmental Research, 2011: In Press.

Faustman EM, Gohlke JM, Ponce RA, Lewandowski TA, Seeley MR, Whittaker SG, Griffith WC. Experimental approaches to evaluate mechanisms of developmental toxicity. Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology: A Practical Approach, R. Hood (ed.), Boca Raton: CRC Press, Inc. 3rd Edition, 2011: In Press.

Anne Goodchild

Klein, M. and A. Goodchild (in press) Pacific Highway Commercial Vehicle Operations: Border Policy and Logistical Efficiency in a Regional Context. Transportation Research Record.

Goodchild, A., JG McCall, and J. Zumerchik (in press) Reducing Train Turn Times With Double Cycling in New Terminal Designs. Transportation Research Record.

Pitera, K., A. Goodchild, and S. Albrecht (in press) The Port of Prince Rupert as a Successful National Gateway Strategy. Transportation Letters.

Zhao, W., E. McCormack, and A. Goodchild (in press) Evaluating the Accuracy of GPS Spot Speeds for Estimating Truck Travel Speed. Transportation Research Record.

Pitera, K., F. Sandoval, and A. Goodchild (in press) A Model for Emissions Reduction Evaluation in Urban Pickup Systems: A Heterogeneous Fleet Case Study. Transportation Research Record.

Gupta, G., Goodchild, A. and M. Hansen (2011). A Competitive, Charter Air-Service Planning Model for Student Athlete Travel. Transportation Research Part B, 45, 128- 149.

Zhao, W., and A. Goodchild (2010) The Impact of Truck Arrival Information on System Efficiency at Container Terminals. Transportation Research Record, 2162 17-24.

Ta, C., Goodchild, A., and B. Ivanov (2010) Building Freight Transportation System Resilience: Actions for State DOTs. Transportation Research Record, 2168, 129-135.

Kristjansson, K., Bomba, M., and A. Goodchild (2010) Intra-Industry Trade Analysis of US State - Canadian Province Pairs: Implications for the Cost of Border Delay. Transportation Research Record, 2162, 73-80

Goodchild, A., L. Leung and S. Albrecht (2010). An investigation of Commercial Vehicle Crossing Times at the Pacific Highway Port-of-Entry. Journal of Transportation Engineering, 136(10), 932-935.

Andreoli, D., Goodchild, A., and K. Vitasek (2010). The Rise of Mega Distribution Centers and the Impact on Logistical Uncertainty. Transportation Letters, 2(2), 75-88.

Zhao, W., and A. Goodchild (2010) The Impact of Truck Arrival Information on Container Terminal Rehandling. Transportation Research Part E, 46(3), 327-343.

Peter Guttorp

P. Guttorp and T. Thorarinsdottir (2010): Bayesian inference for non-Markovian point processes. Submitted to Advances And Challenges In Space-Time Modelling Of Natural Events.

M. Aldrin, M. Holden, P. Guttorp, R. Bieltvedt Sjeie, G. Myhre and R. Koren Berntsen (2010): Bayesian estimation of the climate senistivity based on a simple climate model fitted to observations of hemispheric temperatures and global ocean heat content. Submitted to Annals of Applied Statistics.

P. Guttorp and O Hallstrom (2011): Sense and nonsense about significance testing. Submitted to Journal of Climate.

A. Schmidt, P. Guttorp and A. O'Hagan (2011):Considering covariates in the covariance structure of spatial processes. To appear, Environmetrics.

P. Guttorp and J. Xiu (2009): Climate change, trends in extremes, and model assessment for a long temperature time series from Sweden. To appear, Environmetrics.

S. N. Catlin, L. Busque, R. E. Gale, P. Guttorp, and J. L. Abkowitz (2011): The replication rate of human hematopoietic stem cells in vivo. To appear, Blood.

P. Guttorp and J. Xu (2011): Climate change, trends in extremes, and model assessment for a long temperature time series from Sweden. To appear, Environmetrics.

P.Guttorp (2011): The role of statisticians in international science policy. To appear, Environmetrics.

E. Orskaug, I. Scheel, A. Frigessi, P. Guttorp, J. E. Haugen, O. E. Tveito and O. Haug (2011): Evaluation of a dynamic downscaling of Norwegian precipitation. To appear, Tellus.

P. Craigmile and P. Guttorp (2010): Space-time modeling of trends in temperature series. To appear, Journal of Time Series Analysis.

P. Guttorp and B. Das (2011): Comments on Rue, Lindgren and Lindstraam:An explicit link between Gaussian fields and Gaussian Markov random fields: The stochastic partial differential equation approach. Submitted to Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B.

G. S. Chiu, P. Guttorp, A. H. Westveld, S. A. Khan and J. Liang (2011): A Latent Health Factor Index via Generalized Linear Mixed Models, with Application to Ecological Health Assessment. Environmetrics 22: 243-255.

Jeff Hou

Hou, J. 2011. Citizen Design: Participation and Beyond. In Banerjee, Tridib and Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris (eds.), Companion to Urban Design. London and New York: Routledge.

Miriam Kahn

Kahn,M. Tahiti Beyond the Postcard: Power, Place, and Everyday Life. UW Press. 2011.

Rachel Garshick Kleit

Kleit, R.G. and N.B. Carnegie. In Press. Integrated or Isolated? The Impact of Public Housing Redevelopment on Social Network Homophily. Social Networks.

Kleit, R.G. and M. Galvez. In press. The Location Choices of Public Housing Residents Displaced by Redevelopment: Market Constraints, Personal Preferences, or Social Information? Journal of Urban Affairs.

Cover, J., A. Furhman, and R.G. Kleit. In Press. Minorities on the Margins? The Spatial Organization of Fringe Banking Services. Journal of Urban Affairs.

Wang, M., R.G. Kleit, Jane Cover, and Christopher S. Fowler. Forthcoming. Spatial Variations in U.S. Poverty: Beyond Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan. Urban Studies.

The Identification of Labor Pools for Economic Cluster Development. (with C. Chrisinger and C.S. Fowler). Forthcoming (under revision).

Kleit, R.G. 2010. Draining Ties: Tie Quality versus Content in the Social Networks of Low-Income Women Displaced by Redevelopment. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 27(4): 573-588.

Josh Lawler

Jantarasami, L. C., J. J. Lawler, and C. W. Thomas. 2010. Institutional barriers to climate-change adaptation in U.S. national parks and forests. Ecology and Society. 15(4): 33.

Lawler, J. J., J. A. Hepinstall-Cymerman. 2010. Conservation planning in a changing climate: assessing the impacts of potential range shifts on a reserve network. In: R. Baldwin and S. C. Trombulak, Editors. Multi-scale Conservation Planning. Springer-Verlag.

Blaustein, A. R., S. C. Walls, B. A. Bancroft, J. J. Lawler, C. L. Searle, and S. S. Gervasi. 2010. Direct and indirect effects of climate change on amphibian populations. Diversity 2:281-313.

Lawler, J. J., S. L. Shafer, B. A. Bancroft, and A. R. Blaustein. 2010. Projected climate impacts for the amphibians of the western hemisphere. Conservation Biology 24:38-50.

Belant, J. L., E. A. Beever, J. E. Gross, and J. J. Lawler. 2010. Introduction: special section: ecological responses to contemporary climate change within species, communities, and ecosystems. Conservation Biology 24:7-9.

Lawler, J. J., T. Tear, C. R. Pyke, R. Shaw, P. Gonzalez, P. Kareiva, L. Hansen, L. Hannah, K. Klausmeyer, A. Aldous, C. Bienz, and S. Pearsall. 2010. Resource management in a changing climate. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 8:35-43.

Miles Logsdon

Lander, M., M. G. Logsdon, T. R. Loughlin, G. R. VanBlaricom, . (2011), Spatial Patterns and Scaling Behaviors of Stellar Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus) Distributions and Their Environment). Journal of Theoretical Biology. In press, 2010

Lander, M.E., T. Loughlin, M. G. Logsdon, G. R. VanBlaricom, B. Fadely, B. Fadely. (2010), Foraging effort of juvenile Steller sea Lions Eumetopias jubatus with respect to heterogeneity of sea surface temperature. Endangered Species Research. Vol. 10, 145-158. Online March 3, 2010

Laidre K.L., M.P. Heide-Jorgensen, M.G. Logsdon, L. Delwiche, T. G. Nielsen (2010) A whale of an opportunity: Examining the vertical structure of chlorophyll-a in high Arctic waters using instrumented marine predators, Marine Biology Research. 6:519-529

Lynn Manzo

Manzo, L. C. (2011). Recognizing the lived experience of place: Challenges to genuine participation in redeveloping public housing communities (pps 91-112). In Sutton and Kemp (eds.). The Paradox of Urban Space: Inequality and Transformation in Marginalized Communities. NY: Palgrave.

Donald Miller

Alternative Visions of the World City: Planning for Environmental, Social and Cultural Sustainability. Book co-edited with Nicole Gurran.

Robert Mugerauer

Mugerauer, R. 2010. Toward a theory of integrated urban ecology: complementing Pickett et al. Ecology and Society 15(4): 31. [online] URL:

Timothy Nyerges

T . Nyerges and R. Aguirre, Public Participation in Analytic-Deliberative Decision Making: Evaluating a Large-Group Online Field Experiment, Annals of Association of American Geographers

R. Aguirre and T. Nyerges, Geovisual Evaluation of Public Participation in Decision Making: The 4D Grapevine Technique, Journal of Visual Languages

T. Nyerges, H. Couclelis, R. McMaster (eds.), 2011. Handbook of GIS & Society, SAGE Publications, London. 27 chapters, and in that Handbook

T. Nyerges, R. McMaster, and H. Couclelis, 2011. Geographic Information Systems and Society: A Twenty Year Research Perspective

M. Armstrong, T. Nyerges, S. Wang, D. Wright, 2011. Connecting Geospatial Information to Society through Cyberinfrastructure

H. Couclelis, T. Nyerges, and R. McMaster. GIS and Society Research: Reflections and Emerging Themes.

Claire Ryan

Ryan, C.M. Examining Outputs from Collaborative Watershed Planning in Washington State. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Reisert, J., C.M. Ryan, and J. Koeppel. Stakeholder Influence in Collaborative Water Planning in the US and Germany. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Ryan, C.M., D.B. Brody, and A. Lunde. Crafting Effective Environmental Documents. EIA Review.

Lipsky, R., and C.M. Ryan. (in press). Nearshore Restoration in Puget Sound: Understanding Stakeholder Values and Potential Coalitions. Coastal Management.

Ryan, C. M. and L.K. Cerveny. 2011 (in press). Wildland Fire Science for Management: Federal Fire Manager Information Needs, Sources and Uses. Western Journal of Applied Forestry.

Ryan, C.M., Brody, D.O.B., and A.I. Lunde. 2011 (in press). NEPA at the US Forest Service: A Blessing and a Curse? EIA/SIA Journal

Ryan, C.M., and L.K. Cerveny. 2010. Science Exchange in an Era of Diminished Agency Capacity: Recreation Management in the U.S. Forest Service. American Review of Public Administration. 40(5): 593-616

Qing Shen

Yang, J. W., Q. Shen, J. Z. Shen, and C. F. He. Forthcoming. Transportation Impacts of Clustered Development in Beijing: Compact Development versus Over-concentration. Urban Studies, Vol. X, No. X, pp. X-X.

Rowe, D. H., C-H C. Bae, and Q. Shen. Forthcoming. Evaluating the Impact of Transit Service on Parking Demand and Requirements. Transportation Research Record, No. X, pp. X-X.

Pan, H. X., Q. Shen, and C. Liu. Forthcoming. Transit Oriented Development at Urban Periphery: Insights from a Shanghai Case Study. Transportation Research Record, No. X, pp. X-X.

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Grengs, J., J. Levine, Q. Shen, and Q. Y. Shen. 2010. Intermetropolitan Comparison of Transportation Accessibility: San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Journal of Planning Education and Research, Vol. 29, No. 4, pp. 427-443.

Richard Zerbe

Zerbe, R. O. (with Nancy Garland). The Economics of Climate Change, in Climate Change. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, accepted, forthcoming, 2010

Zerbe. R. O., Cost-Benefit Analysis, forthcoming in publication by Sage Publications 2010