Grants and Awards

Marina Alberti

University of Washington Bridge Funding. Interactions and Feedbacks between Land Use, Land Cover,and Household Behavior: Implications for Urban Carbon Budget. PI: Marina Alberti. 2011-2012. $51,900.

Bullitt Foundation. Snohomish Basin Scenarios for 2060. $160,000, 2010-2011.

Bullitt Foundation. Linking Urbanization and Vegetation Carbon Patterns. PI: Marina Alberti. Co-PI: Lucy Hutyra. $14,410.

Alan Borning

NSF. Collaborative Research: Mobile Personal Privacy and Security - New Design Methods and Technology to Account for Human Values, Yoshi Kohno (PI), Alan Borning and Batya Friedman (co-PIs), $875,000, 2009 - 2012. (Linked with a proposal of the same name by William Maisel, M.D., Harvard University, $240,000.)

Google, gift of 20 Android phones for OneBusAway: Improving the Public Transit Experience, 2010. Total value: $8,700.

NSF. SoCS: Socio-Computational Systems to Support Public Engagement and Deliberation, Alan Borning (PI), Lance Bennett (co-PI), $733,231, 2010 - 2013.

Gordon Bradley

School of Forest Resources Alumni Association, Honorary Alumnus, 2010.

Cynthia Chen

TRANSNOW. Residential Location Choices. PI: Chen. $138,666. 2010-2011.

NYCDOT. Effectiveness of Traffic Calming Measures. PI's: Chen, McKnight, Yang, Ewing, Srinivasan. $350,000. 2008-2011.

Sarah Elwood

Faculty Research Fellowship, Simpson Center for the Humanities, University of Washington, From cartography to MyMaps: The cultural politics of new spatial media. 2010-2011.

Spencer Foundation Strategic Initiative on Civic Learning and Civic Action, Mapping Youth Journeys: From Place-Based Learning to Active Citizenship. PIs: Sarah Elwood, Katharyne Mitchell.$316,000. 2009-2012.

NSF, Collaborative Research: A GIScience approach for assessing the quality, potential applications, and impacts of volunteered geographic information. PIs: Sarah Elwood, Michael Goodchild, Daniel Sui. $510,000. 2009-2012.

National Geographic Education Foundation, Seattle Initiative for Geography Education 2009: The Mapping Youth Journeys Project. PIs: Sarah Elwood, Katharyne Mitchell. $50,000. 2009-2010.

Student Award for Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, Department of Geography, 2010.

Geographic Perspectives on Women's Annual Book Recognition, Association of American Geographers.

Elaine Faustman

DHHS. Genetic and comparative approaches to predict the toxicity of Qdot nanoparticles. PI: Kavanagh, Project 3 PI: Faustman. $1,539,348, 2010-2015.

NICHD. Pacific Northwest Center for National Children's Study-King. PI: Faustman. $9,533,930. 2007-2012.

NICHD. Pacific Northwest Center for National Children's Study-Grant. PI: Faustman. $12,201,573. 2008-2013.

EPA and NIEHS. Center for Child Environmental Health Risks Research. PI: Faustman. $3,866,433 and $1,701,387. 2009-2015.

NIEHS. Pacific Northwest Center for Human Health and Oceans Studies Request for a Recovery Act Administrative Supplement. PI: Faustman. $53,226. 2009-2011.

NSF. Pacific Northwest Center for Human Health and Ocean Studies Accomplishment Based Renewal. PI: Faustman. $1,181,544. 2009-2011.

Humane Society of the United States and Procter & Gamble North American Animal Welfare and Alternatives Award. PI: Faustman. $25,000. 2007-2011.

NIEHS. Environmental Pathology/toxicology Training Grant. PI: T. Montine, Associate Director: Faustman. $409,131. 2008-2019.

Peter Guttorp

NSF. Vertical and horizontal integration of the mathematical sciences at the University of Washington. Co-Principal Investigator (with D. Lind, L. Adams, K.K. Tung and S. Tuncel). $4,100,000.

NIH NIH grant Pathogenesis of clonal dominance in myeloproliferative disorders. Co-inverstigator (With J. Abkowitz) $508,000.

STINT grant Spatio-temporal extremes in environment, transportation, climate and public policy - A collaborative proposal between the Universities of Lund and Washington. Foreign collaborator (SEK 2,000,000).

Nordic Council Research Excellence grant Statistical Approaches to Regional Climate Models for Adaptation. Principal investigator (NOK 1,100,000).

NSF CMG: Multivariate nonstationary spatial extremes in climate and atmospherics. Co-principal investigator (with M. Fuentes, B. Reich, K. Calder, A. Gelfand). $325,000.

Jeff Hou

Research Development Grant. Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). Grant for a project titled Immigrants, Place and Cross-cultural Understanding: Global-local Perspectives and Processes, April 2010 to March 2011. With matched funding from University of Washington, Pennsylvania State University, University of Sheffield, University of Sydney, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Total funds: $49,934.

John E. Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Now Urbanism: City-Making in the 21st Century and Beyond, Kim England, Ray Gastil, Jeff Hou, Anne Vernez Moudon, Linda Nash, Margaret O'Mara, Ken Tadashi Oshima, Barbara Swift, and Thaisa Way. University of Washington. Amount: $174,990.

Award of Recognition for Excellence in Service-learning Education. Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, 2011.

Rachel Garshick Kleit

West Coast Poverty Center. Getting in the door: Housing search histories of voucher recipients. with Crystal Hall and Martha Galvez. 2010. $14,956.

Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE) Seed Grant, University of Washington. Social Networks, Housing and Nutrition. with Donna Johnson, Miruna Petrescu-Prahova, and Cori Mar. 2010-2011. $6,820.

Westpark HOPE VI Evaluation. Bremerton Housing Authority. with Lynne Manzo. 2008-2013. Awarded $346,439.

Josh Lawler

NCEAS. Climate Change and Invasive Species, co-PI (2010-2011), $65,625.

Climate Change Vulnerability, National Parks Service, lead-PI (2011), $17,993.

U.S. EPA, Renewal Act (PRIA 2) Partnership. Pests, Predators, and Multiple Stressors in Agrosystems, sole PI (2011-2012),$100,000.

U.S. DoD, SERDP, Sources and Sinks: Elucidating Mechanisms, Documenting Patterns, and Forecasting Impacts, lead-PI (2011-2015), $1,245,805.

USGS/ NPS, Identifying Potential Barriers, Corridors, and Refugia for Species in a Changing Climate, lead-PI (2011-2013), $236,405 (SFR $117,889).

Miles Logsdon

CSDE Small Grant, Coastal Land Loss, Livelihood Change, and Out Migration in the Gulf of Mexico region, Sara Curran Principal Investigator, 2011.

NASA, The Fractured Arctic Sea Ice Landscape and movements of Belugas and Narwhals, Co Principal Investigator with Kristin Laidre, 2008-2011.

US Army Corps of Engineers, Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Program (PSNERP), Co-Principal Investigator with Charles Simenstad, 2002-2011.

Donald Miller

Board Member, International Association for Environmental Planning and Management.

North American Member, Scientific Committee, Urban Environmental Congress, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010.

Global Fellow, Program on Humanistic Globalization, Michigan State University.

Timothy Nyerges

DHS contract with University Consortium for Geographic Information Science. Geospatial Extension Program: Improving Community Well-being and Resilency, Sean Ahearn and Tim Nyerges co-project leads, Travel Support for convening 24 scholars and agency personnel. $53,800. 2011.

CyberGIS Software Integration for Sustained Geospatial Innovation, Shaowen Wang (PI), Co-PI's Luc Anselin, Budhendra L. Bhaduri, Xuan Shi, Timothy L. Nyerges, Nancy R. Wilkins-Diehr, Office of Cyberinfrastructure, Software Institutes, Cross-Directorate Active Programs, Geography and Spatial Sciences, Method, Measure & Statistics, OCI-1047916, $4.4M total, $687,410 UW for 5 years. 2010-2015.

William Evans Fellowship Award, visiting professor, University of Otago, New Zealand, 2011.

Claire Ryan

USDA McIntireStennis. Sustainable Biofuels Production in Washington State. $280,527 (11-13).

US Forest Service. Communication in NEPA Decision Making: Writing an Effective Environmental Document. $74,300 (2009 - 2013).

Qing Shen

Chester Rapkin Award for best article appearing in each year's volume of the Journal of Planning Education & Research, Oct. 2010.