Research Seminars

The emerging research agenda seminars were replaced with student led seminars for the 2010-2011 academic year. The objective of the new research seminar is to provide an additional opportunity to students in the program to receive input on their dissertation research question, approach, and methodology by a larger number of faculty and other student peers. Students will learn how to present their research proposal in a succinct form. Students will also learn how to give feedback and comments on their peers' research.

2010-2011 Research Seminar

October 12th
Water/Sewer/Problemsheds: Investigating Freshwater as a complex, social-ecological system
Mary Roderick

October 26th
Public Engagement in Planning and Design
J.D. Tovey

November 2nd
Weaving Habitat into the Urban Fabric
Karen Dyson

November 16th
My Research Interests: Transit Accessibility Evaluation and Research Plan
Bumjoon Kang

November 30th
Everyday Life: Spatial Oppression and Resilience under the Israeli Occupation--The case of the old town of Nablus, Palestine
Sahera Bleibleh

January 11th
Power and Discipline upon Rural Migrant Workers in the Chinese Manufacturing Town
Yue Gong

January 25th
An Emerging Research Agenda: Linking Puget Lowlands Land Cover Changes to Planning, Plants, and Processes
Tracy Fuentes

February 8th
Exploring relationships between objective traffic measures, perceptions of traffic burden, and self-rated health
Jared Ulmer

February 22nd
Understanding Urban Forest Structure of Residential Landscapes in the Seattle Metropolitan Urban(izing) Region
Karis Puruncajas

April 5th
An agenda for urban-climate research
Hossein Estiri

April 19th
Spatial cluster detection techniques (Moran's I, Getis-Ord G* and SaTScan)
Ruizhu Huang

May 3rd
An Analysis of Urban Development Spatial Patterns in Palestinian Communities: Bethlehem-Hebron Region as a Case Study
Emad Dawwas

2009-2010 Research Seminar

November 13th
Land Use/Land Cover Dynamics: A Case Study from the Palestinian West Bank
Ahmed Al-Noubani

November 20th
A Social Ecological Study of Children Commuting to School
Lin Lin

December 4th
Assessing the Effects of Urban Development on Garry Oak Reproduction Processes
Julia Michalak

January 22nd
Special meeting with students
Robert Fishman, Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Walker Ames Lecturer

January 29th
Modeling of Household Water Consumption in Seattle
David Hsu

February 12th
The economic impact of environmental sensitive area policy on housing and land prices in King County
Yan Jiang

February 26th
The relationship between the household socioeconomic status/built environments and people's grocery shopping travel behavior
Junfeng Jiao

March 12th
Assessing Land Use / Land Cover Patterns, Wastewater Infrastructure and Biological Conditions for Puget Sound Shellfish
Daniele Spirandelli

May 21st
Urban Climate and Heat Stress in mid-latitude cities in view of climate change
Johann Koeppel, Technische Universitat Berlin

May 28th
Title TBA
Phil Hurvitz

June 4th
OneBusAway: A Suite of Transit Traveler Information Tools Results and Future Directions
Alan Borning

The emerging research agendas seminars of 2006-2009 aimed to define the research contribution of the Seattle School of Urban Design and Planning. Teams of faculty and students lead these discussions with the objective to identify emerging research questions and position their research within the field. We aim to initiate discussions and generate white papers on our long-term research agendas.

Emerging Research Agendas 2008-2009

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