Strategic Plan 2008-2013 (pdf)

Important recent changes in society, higher education, and the field of urban design and planning challenge us to rethink our approach to education, research, and practice. This strategic plan evolved from extended discussions following recommendations by the Graduate School Council to chart a clear course for the Program to become one of the top 3 programs in the field. Towards envisioning the Program’s Strategic Plan, of our Ph.D. Program, during the last two years we have refined our vision, mission, core values, identity, intellectual focus, core competencies, and indicators of success.

The current synthesis of our evolving strategic plan is a “blueprint” to guide us over the next 5 years. This year the steering committee has taken the lead in specifying objectives, strategies, and benchmarks for five key goals for the program include:

1. Reach national prominence (top 3 US Ph.D. planning programs).

2. Align the curriculum and structure with the program’s intellectual focus.

3. Create and support quality mentorship and advising.

4. Develop an effective, accountable, and transparent governance structure.

5. Generate and sustain necessary resources for the long-term viability of the program.

The document is now available on-line for review and input from students and faculty before finalization and approval at the first faculty meeting in September 2008 and formal implementation next academic year.

Our definition of success

Strategic Plan 2008-2013