Student Publications and Presentations (2009-2011)

Alon Bassok

Samberg, S., Holman, S. and Bassok, A. “STEM: Sustainable Transportation Evaluation Method” Transportation Research Record (forthcoming).

McCormack, E., Bassok, A. and Ta, C. “Evaluating Two Low Cost Methods of Collecting Truck Generation Data Using Grocery Stores” ITE Journal of Transportation Engineers (forthcoming).

Bassok, A., Hurvitz, P., Bae, C., and Larson, T. (2010) “Measuring Neighborhood Air Pollution: The Case of Seattle’s International District.” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 53:1, 23—39.

Born, B. and Bassok, A. (2009) “Beyond Bodegas: Innovative Solutions for Providing Groceries to Low-Income Neighborhoods.” Journal of Urbanism, 2:2,127—143.

Sahera Bleibleh

Bleibleh, Sahera (2011). Commemorating Spatial Memories...The Nurture of Debris in the Old Town of Nablus, Palestine. The Fourth Annual NSSR Interdisciplinary "Memory: Silence, Screen, and Spectacle". The New School, NYC. March 24-26, 2011

Mandour, Alaa & Bleibleh, Sahera (2011). Political Spatiality. FIG Working Week on Bridging the Gap between Cultures. Marrakech, Morocco, 18-22 May 2011.

Bleibleh, Sahera & Huang, Shu-Mei (2010). Everyday utopias, politics, and tradition: lessons from Occupied Palestine. "Accepted for presentation at the IASTE conference in Lebanon" [but was not granted a visa to deliver it].

Bleibleh, Sahera. (2010). (Article online) Everyday Urbanism between Public Space and "Forbidden" Space": The Case of the Old City of Nablus, Palestine. UC Berkeley: The Proceedings of Spaces of History / Histories of Space: Emerging Approaches to the Study of the Built Environment. Retrieved from:

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning ACSP PhD workshop. University of Washington, Seattle - (2009)

Fourth Biennial Ph.D. JAMBOREE, PhD workshop. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver- Canada- (2009)

Spanning Time and Place: An Interdisciplinary Student Conference on Near and Middle Eastern Studies. “Everyday Urbanism between Public Space and ‘Forbidden Space’, the Old City of Nablus, Palestine”- (2009)

Karen Dyson

K. Dyson; Pollution in paradise: A conceptual model of beach pollution and tourism; KMI International Journal; January 2011

Hossein Estiri

Estiri, Hossein. "The Path to Resilience: Research directions toward optimizing the mutual impacts of Cities and Climate Change." 17th annual conference of the International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS). New York, New York, USA: Earth Institute, Columbia University and United Nations Division of Sustainable Development (UNDSD), June 2011.

Fuentes, Tracy; Estiri, Hossein. "Land cover changes in the Puget Lowlands, WA, 1986-2002." 26th Annual Landscape Ecology Symposium, Sustainability in Dynamic Landscapes. " Portland, Oregon: April 2011.

Estiri, Hossein. "An Agenda for the Future Urban-Climate Research." 3rd International Conference on Subtropical Cities: Subtropical Urbanism Beyond Climate Change. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA: Florida Atlantic University, March 2011.

Estiri, Hossein. "Urban sprawl at the rural fringe: Analysis of morphological effects of sprawl on rural form in contemporary Tehran metropolitan area; a case study of Tarasht Village. " Emerging Issues Conference, along urban rural interface, Atlanta, GA: April 2010.

Co-Author, Place marketing for vibrant shopping centers: The importance of retailing customer satisfaction in an attractive city, under review.

Yue Gong

Yue Ray Gong, China’s Future Requires Managing Its Urbanization “Right”; Presentation: the Fifth Conference of the International China Planning, June 17-19, 2011

Yue Ray Gong, Power and Discipline Inhabiting Rural Migrant Workers in the Chinese Manufacturing Town; Presentation: University of Washington’s 2011 Northwest Graduate Student Conference on Transitions & Growth in China, April 23rd, 2011

Jin Hyun Hong

Lei Zhang, Jin Hyun Hong, Arefeh Nasri, & Qing Shen (2011). How Built Environment Affects Travel Behavior: A Comparative Analysis of the Connections between Land Use and Vehicle Miles Traveled in U.S. Cities. Proceedings of the WSTLUR Annual Conference, Whistler, British Columbia, July 28-30.

Jin Hyun Hong, Qing Shen, & Lei Zhang (2010). How do built-environment factors affect travel behavior? A multilevel analysis of their effects. Proceedings of the ACSP 2010 51st Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, October 7- 10.

Megan Horst

Horst, M., Ringstrom, E., Tyman, S., Ward, M., Werner, V., and Born, B. Food Hubs In Seattle, Washington. Paper presented at Association of American Geographers Conference, Seattle, April 2011. Manuscript submitted and under review by Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, Community Development.

Horst, M. A Review of Sustainable Urban Agriculture Land Inventories. Paper, received Honorable Mention for Student Paper on Food Systems, from American Planning Association, Natural Environment Divisions, March 2011.

Yan Jiang

Jiang, Y., 2010. Parcel level imperviousness by development types across urban gradient. Presented at the 2010 ESRI International User Conference, July 12-16, San Diego, California.

Junfeng Jiao

Jiao, J. Moudon, A.V. and Drewnowski, A. (in press). Grocery shopping: How individuals and built environments influence travel mode choice. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board.

Moudon, A.V. Lin, L. Jiao, J. Hurvitz, P. and Reeves, P. 2011. The risk of pedestrian injury and fatality in collisions with motor vehicles, a social ecological study of state routes and city streets in King County, Washington. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 43(1), pp. 11-24.

Jiao, J. Moudon, A.V. and Drewnowski, A. How individuals and built environments influence grocery shopping travel frequency? Paper submitted for Transportation Research A.

Jiao, J. Moudon, A.V. Ulmer, J. Hurvitz, P. and Drewnowski, A. How to Identify Food Deserts: Measuring Physical and Economic Access to Supermarkets in King County, WA. Paper submitted for American Journal of Public Health.

Andy Krause

Forthcoming Journal Article: Krause, A., and M. Kummerow. 2011. "An Iterative Approach to Minimizing Valuation Errors Using an Automated Comparable Sales Model”, Journal of Property Tax Assessment and Administration.

Conference Paper: Krause, A. “Geographically and Structurally Weighted Regression: An Exploration in House Price Modeling”. American Real Estate Society Conference, Seattle, WA, April 2011

Conference Paper: Bitter, C., and A. Krause. “Reurbanism or Bigger Burbs? The Implications of Demographic Change for Housing Demand and Cities.” American Real Estate Society Conference, Seattle, WA, April 2011

Brian H. Y. Lee

Lee, B. H. Y. and P. Waddell (2010). Residential mobility and location choice: A nested logit model with sampling of alternatives. Transportation, 37(4): 587-601.

Lee, B. H. Y., P. Waddell, L. Wang, and R. M. Pendyala (2010). Reexamining the influence of work and nonwork accessibility on residential location choices with a microanalytic framework. Environment and Planning A, 42(4): 913-930.

Lee, B. H. Y. (2005). Parcel-level measure of public transit accessibility to destinations. In D. Levinson and K. J. Krizek (Eds.), Access to Destination: Rethinking the Transportation Future. Oxford: Elsevier, 215-239.

Lin Lin

Moudon, Anne Vernez, Lin Lin, Junfeng Jiao, Philip Hurvitz, and Paula Reeves. (2011) The Risk of Pedestrian Injury and Fatality in Collisions with Motor Vehicles, A Social Ecological Study of State Routes and City Streets in King County, Washington. Accident Analysis & Prevention 43 (1): 11-24.

Lin, Lin and Anne Vernez Moudon. 2010. Objective Versus Subjective Measures of the Built Environment, Which Are Most Effective in Capturing Associations With Walking? Health and Place 16 (2): 339-348.

Julia Michalak

Michalak, J. In-Press. Effects of habitat and landscape structure on Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) regeneration across an urban gradient. Northwest Science.

Michalak, J. “Effects of Landscape Pattern on Oak Dispersal and Regeneration in an Urban Landscape.” April 2011. U.S. International Association for Landscape Ecology (US-IALE) symposium, Portland, OR.

Michalak, J. “Effects of Landscape Pattern on Oak Dispersal and Regeneration in an Urban Landscape.” December 2010. A Conference on Ecosystem Services (ACES), Phoenix, AZ.

Mary Roderick

Co-author Dr. Bob Mugerauer; Refocusing Ecological Urban Design: From Renewing Seattle’s Waterfront to Resilience for Elliott Bay-Puget Sound; Resilience 2011 Conference; March 12, 2011

Daniele Spirandelli

Spirandelli, D. “Assessing land use, land cover, and wastewater infrastructure for shellfish in the Puget Sound nearshore”; 20th Annual Review of Research, The Water Center, University of Washington, February 17, 2010.

Karis Tenneson

Tenneson, K. “Understanding urban forest structure of residential landscapes in the Seattle metropolitan urban(izing) region” April 2011. U.S. International Association for Landscape Ecology (US-IALE) symposium, Portland, OR.

Tenneson, K. “Vegetation patterns in an urbanizing metropolitan area: socio-economic drivers and effects on carbon storage and water flows” April 2010. Emerging Issues Along Urban-rural Interfaces 3, Atlanta, GA.