Current Students and Interests


Interest Area(s)

Baek, So-Ra

Urban form, land use and transportation; community planning and development

Bleibleh, Sahera

Community participation and interaction with the surrounding built environment, sustainable communities, public spaces and the evolution of urban morphology, streets as open space, and the representation of identity and meaning of place

Dawwas, Emad

Infrastructure and transportation planning

Dyson, Karen

Urban ecology, value of habitat in urban areas, improving habitat value in human dominated landscapes

Estiri, Hossein

"Urban Form" is my primary interest area, focusing the "Main Structure" of city and its correlation to human and ecological behaviors

Fuentes, Tracy

Landscape ecology, plant biodiversity in the Puget Sound basin

Gong, Yue

Social & economic mechanisms in the built environment; urban development and design

Hong, Jin Hyun

Integrated modeling for land use and transportation

Horst, Megan

Food systems planning, particularly evaluating environmental impacts of the policies of major institutions

Ruizhu, Huang

Urban form, land use and transportation planning

Jiang, Yan

Land cover change detection, the interaction between land use and land cover

Krause, Andy

Property valuation modeling, property taxation, ecological land valuation, spatial analysis

Kang, Bumjoon

Urban form, sustainability evaluation

Michalak, Julia

Urban ecology, natural resources policy, land use planning evaluation

Mary Roderick

Integrating ecological restoration and urban planning, human-ecosystem interaction, eco-city design, adaptive management

Sandlin, Gail

Environmental policy, environmental justice

Scully, Jason

Pedestrian behavior and walkable places, urban form

Spirandelli, Daniele

Urban ecology

Tenneson, Karis

Urban ecology, landscape ecology and the relationship between urban patterns and ecosystem functions

Tovey, J.D.

Energy systems, culture, bioresource-based energy for sustainable societies

Ulmer, Jared

The impact of urban design on public health, with a particular emphasis on psychological well-being