Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Urban Design & Planning


Research Seminar


12:30--1:20, Gould 440 (spring quarter)

Date Presenter
Oct. 25 Peter Dunn, URBDP Doctoral Candidate
Digital politics, digital polis: In need of a critical research agenda for urban software
Nov. 8 Susmita Rishi, URBDP Doctoral Candidate
Challenging Property: Learning from the slum dwellers of Delhi
Nov. 22 Feiyang Sun, URBDP Doctoral Student
The Economics and Governance of Urban Data for Smart Cities
Dec. 6 Himanshu Grover, Assistant Professor, Urban Design & Planning
Perspectives on Community Resilience
Jan. 16 Tracy Fuentes, URBDP Doctoral Candidate
Newly installed landscapes of single family residence - a case of residential developer satisficing?
Jan. 30 Jan Whittington, Associate Professor, Urban Design & Planning
Mainstreaming City Climate Decisions through Infrastructure Investment
Feb. 13 Annual Symposium Panel Planning & Discussion

Feb. 27 Michael K. Lindell, Affiliate Professor, UW, Emeritus Professor, Texas A&M University
Households' Expected Responses to Volcano Threat at Mt. Rainier
Apr. 3 Symposium Discussion

Apr. 17 Symposium Discussion

May 1 Cancelled--Annual Symposium May 4

May 15 Feiyang Sun, PhD Student, Urban Design and Planning
What makes mixed-use development economically desirable?
May 29 Emad Dawwas, Assistant Professor, An-Najah National University, West Bank
Urban Planning Process and Practices within Highly Unstable Geopolitical Context


12:00--1:00, Gould Hall 100

Date Presenter
Oct. 11 Discussion: Annual Symposium Planning
Oct. 25 Tianzhe Wang, URBDP Doctoral Student
A survival analysis of vacant durations of on-street parking in Seattle
Nov. 8 Feiyang Sun, URBDP Doctoral Student
The economic impact of HSR on household income in China
Nov. 22 Canceled

Dec. 6 Mingyu Kang, URBDP Doctoral Student
Identifying High Risk Pedestrian-Bike Collision Locations and Spatial Modeling of State Routes in Washington State
Jan. 11 Select Papers for Discussion
Students & faculty bring one paper that they think we all should read. We will go around and each in ~ 2-3 minutes will introduce the paper and tell us why it is of relevance to all and make the case for it. You can choose a paper that you have read, or intend to read, or a paper that you are writing.
Jan. 25 Chungho Kim, URBDP Doctoral Student, dissertation defense presentation
Community Resilience of the Korean New Village Movement, 1970-1979: Historical Interpretation and Resilience Assessment
Feb. 8 Selected Paper Discussion
Attoh, Kafui, “Public transportation and the idiocy of urban life,” Urban Studies, 2017.
Feb. 22 Selected Paper Discussion
Williamson, Oliver, “The theory of the firm as a governance structure: from choice to contract,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, v. 16, no. 3, summer 2002. link
Mar. 8 Matt Patterson, URBDP Doctoral Student
The Soil Microbiome of Seattle Parks
Apr. 4 Selected Paper Discussion
Berkes, Fikret, and Helen Ross, "Community resilience: toward an integrated approach," Society & Natural Resources, 2013. link
Apr. 18 Annual Symposium Planning and Discussion

May 2 Canceled--due to the Annual Symposium, May 4, 9:00--4:00, Petersen Room, Allen Library (room 485)

May 16 Manish Chalana, Associate Professor, Urban Design and Planning
Modernism in Post-Colonial India: Appropriation and Progression

May 30 Annual Meeting


12:30--1:20, Gould Hall 208J

Date Presenter
Oct. 13 Panel Discussion: Anne Vernez-Moudon, Professor, URBDP; Ann Bostrom, Professor, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance; Kelly Edwards, Professor, Bioethics and Humanities
"Making the most of my academic year"
Oct. 27 Paul Fleming, Seattle Public Utilities
Water and Climate Adaptation
Nov. 10 Qing Shen, Professor, Urban Design & Planning
Rail Transit Supported Suburbanization in China
Nov. 24 Scott Allard, Professor, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance
Places in Need: the Changing Geography of Poverty and the American Safety Net
Dec. 8 Panel discussion led by Students
Implementing the UW Urban Cluster
Jan. 19 Brainstorming Discussion led by Students Peter Dunn & Evan Carver
Questions, panelists, and structure of the Annual Symposium, The Future City, on May 5
Feb. 2 Symposium planning discussion led by doctoral students, Peter Dunn, Evan Carver & Tracy Fuentes
Questions, panelists, and structure of the Annual Symposium, The Future City, on May 5
Feb. 16 Peng Chen, Doctoral Candidate, Urban Design and Planning
Bicycling and the Built Environment: bicycle volume, route choice and road safety
Mar. 1 Peter Dunn, Doctoral Student, Urban Design and Planning
Uncertain Maps: Probabilistic Communication in Hazard Planning
Apr. 19 Christine Bae, Associate Professor, Urban Design and Planning
Quest for Clean Air: Bicyclist and Pedestrian exposure to TRAP (Traffic-Related Air Pollution)
May 3 No seminar this week--Annual Symposium on Thrusday May 5!
May 17 Stefanie Young, Doctoral Student, Urban Design and Planning
Incorporating Resiliency into the CIP Process
May 31 Annual Meeting


12:30--1:20, Gould Hall 208J

Date Presenter
Oct. 7 Ann Bostrom, Professor, Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
Climate change here and now: mindsets and mitigation decisions
Oct. 21 Cynthia Chen, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Using ridership and social media data to quantify disaster impacts
Nov. 4 Bob Mugerauer, Professor, Urban Design & Planning
Neighborhood Ecology: Development Without Gentrification Displacement
Nov. 25 Steve Harrell, Professor, Anthropology & Environmental & Forest Sciences, and Dan Abramson, Associate Professor, Urban Design and Planning
Multi-scale approaches in Planning for Resilience: The Case of the Chengdu Plain
Dec. 9 Marina Alberti, Professor, Urban Design & Planning
Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in an Urbanizing Planet
Jan. 20 Michael K. Lindell, Emeritus Professor, Texas A&M University, Affiliate Professor, Urban Design & Planning
Visualizing Uncertainty in Weather Emergencies
Feb. 3 John Marzluff, Professor, Environmental & Forest Sciences
Welcome to Subirdia
Feb. 17 Donald Mackenzie, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Automobile efficiency, fuel economy policy, and implications for state and local strategies
Mar. 3 Anne Vernez-Moudon, Professor, Urban Design & Planning, Landscape Architecture
Research at the Urban Form Lab
Apr. 14 Doug Sprugel, Professor Emeritus, Environmental & Forest Sciences; Branden Born, Associate Professor, Urban Design and Planning; Sara Breslow, Postdoctoral Associate, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Northwest Fisheries Science Center
The Salish Sea watershed of NW Washington and SW British Columbia


12:30--1:20, Gould Hall 208J

Date Presenter
Oct. 22 Travis Longcore, (note: in Gould 100):
USC Spatial Sciences Institute and School of Architecture,
Urban Nature: Species Matter
Nov. 5 Academic Program Review Discussion: Powerpoint
Nov. 19 Discussion of PhD Urban Clusters
Dec. 3 Kyle Crowder, Professor, Sociology
Residential Mobility and Individual-level Processes of Environmental Inequality
Jan. 28 Creating an Urban Cluster of UW PhD Programs, Discussion with all interested participants
Feb. 11 J. Mark Ellis, Professor, Geography and Michael A. Babb, Administrator, Northwest Census Research Data Center
Talk Topic: Northwest Census Research Data Center
Feb. 25 Tim Nyerges, Professor, Geography, NOTE: ROOM CHANGE THIS TIME ONLY: GOULD 100
Foundations of Sustainability Information Representation Theory for Spatial-temporal Modeling in GIS
Mar. 11 Branden Born, Associate Professor, Urban Design and Planning
Planning's existential crisis, competition and collaboration, and how I came to not love evidence-based policy
April 22 Jason Scully, Doctoral Student, Urban Design and Planning
Food-related behavior: a spatial perspective
May 6 Annual Symposium, The Centrality of Urban in the Anthropocene: Implications for Graduate Research and Education
Please see web site:
May 20 Chungho Kim, Doctoral Student, Urban Design and Planning
Korean Urbanization and Demographic Resilience: 1970-2000
June 3 Peng Chen, Doctoral Student, Urban Design and Planning
Association between Bicycle Incident Frequency and Built Environment: a Spatial Statistical Approach


12:30--1:20, Gould Hall 208J

Date Presenter
Oct. 9 Dowell Myers, University of Southern California School of Policy, Planning, and Development, Walker Ames Lecturer,
Oct. 23 Faculty presentations:
Dan Abramson, Marina Alberti, Gordon Bradley, Steve Harrell, Jeff Hou
Nov. 6 Faculty presentations:
Lynne Manzo, Anne Vernez-Moudon, Bob Mugerauer, Qing Shen, Jan Whittington
Dec. 4 Thaisa Way, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture
Urban history on the Margins: from a feminist perspective to a narrative of post-industrial landscapes
Jan. 29 Andy Krause
Re-Urbanism and Land Markets
Feb. 12 Student Panel Discussion
Feb. 26 Mary Roderick
Planning green infrastructure: a decision support approach
March 12 Karis Puruncajas
The residential urban forest: linking structure, function and management
April 23 Yue Ray Gong
Manufacturing Towns in China: Governance, Space and Conveyance of Rural Migrant Workers to the Assembly Line
May 7 Megan Horst
Transformative food systems planning: Theory and practice in the Seattle region
May 21 Annual Symposium: History of Human Settlements


12:30-1:30 in Gould 208J

Date Presenter
Oct. 11 Faculty presentations, introducing their work:
Marina Alberti, Dan Abramson, Glen Duncan, Bob Mugerauer, Anne Vernez-Moudon
Oct. 25 Faculty presentations, introducing their work:
Christine Bae, Sarah Elwood, Mimi Kahn, Lynne Manzo, Jan Whittington
Nov. 8 Ethan M. Berke,
Associate Professor in Community and Family Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Geography at Dartmouth College, guest lecture, title to be announced
Nov. 22 Faculty Presentations, introducing their work
Gordon Bradley, Cynthia Chen, Rachel Kleit, Mark Purcell
Dec. 6 Mapping the Future of the Program Meeting
Jan. 10 Jason Scully
The relationship between Obesity and the Built Environment
Jan. 24 Megan Horst
The Alternative Food System Movement in the Puget Sound Region: Actors, Networks, and Community Development
Feb. 7 Jin Hyun Hong
Multilevel analysis of land use, VMT and auto ownership
Feb. 21 Sora Baek
A Comparative Study on Physical Activity Time Budget and Environmental Opportunities for Physical Activity between Korean Immigrant and Caucasian women in King County, WA
March 6 Mapping the Future of the Program Follow-up Meeting
April 3 Sahera Bleibleh
Everyday Life: Spatial Oppression and Resilience under the Israeli Occupation. The case of the old town of Nablus, Palestine
April 17 Discussion of paper by Charles Redman, Annual Symposium speaker
May 1 Andy Krause
Re-urbanization and Land Values: Implications for Land Use Planning
May 15 Daniele Spirandelli
Wastewater treatment types across a gradient of coastal urbanization: a study of the Puget Sound region
May 29 Mapping the Future of the Program Meeting


12:30-1:30 in Gould 208J

Date Presenter
Oct. 12 Mary Roderick
Water/Sewer/Problemsheds: Investigating Freshwater as a complex, social-ecological system
Oct. 26 J.D. Tovey
Public Engagement in Planning and Design
Nov. 2 Karen Dyson
Weaving Habitat into the Urban Fabric
Nov. 16 Bumjoon Kang
My Research Interests: Transit Accessibility Evaluation and Research Plan
Nov. 30 Sahera Bleibleh
Everyday Life: Spatial Oppression and Resilience under the Israeli Occupation. The case of the old town of Nablus, Palestine
Jan. 11 Yue Gong
Power and Discipline upon Rural Migrant Workers in the Chinese Manufacturing Town
Jan. 25 Tracy Fuentes
An Emerging Research Agenda: Linking Puget Lowlands Land Cover Changes to Planning, Plants, and Processes
Feb. 8 Jared Ulmer
Exploring relationships between objective traffic measures, perceptions of traffic burden, and self-rated health
Feb. 22 Karis Puruncajas
Understanding Urban Forest Structure of Residential Landscapes in the Seattle Metropolitan Urban(izing) Region
April 5 Hossein Estiri
An agenda for urban-climate research
April 19 Ruizhu Huang
Spatial cluster detection techniques (Moran's I, Getis-Ord G* and SaTScan)
May 3 Emad Dawwas
An Analysis of Urban Development Spatial Patterns in Palestinian Communities: Bethlehem-Hebron Region as a Case Study
May 17 Jan Whittington
Job talk 101- Cancelled

May 31 Annual Meeting
Petersen Room, noon-1:30


12:30-1:30 in Gould 208J

Date Presenter
Nov. 13 Ahmed Al-Noubani
Land Use/Land Cover Dynamics: A Case Study from the Palestinian West Bank
Nov. 20 Lin Lin
A Social Ecological Study of Children Commuting to School
Dec. 4 Julia Michalak
Assessing the Effects of Urban Development on Garry Oak Reproduction Processes
Jan. 22 Robert Fishman, Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Walker Ames Lecturer
Special meeting with students
Jan. 29 David Hsu
Modeling of Household Water Consumption in Seattle
Feb. 12 Yan Jiang
The economic impact of environmental sensitive area policy on housing and land prices in King County
Feb. 26 Junfeng Jiao
The relationship between the household socioeconomic status/built environments and people's grocery shopping travel behavior
March 12 Daniele Spirandelli
Assessing Land Use / Land Cover Patterns, Wastewater Infrastructure and Biological Conditions for Puget Sound Shellfish
April 22-23 Annual Symposium
Charting Our Future by Reflecting on Our Past
May 21 Johann Koeppel, Technische Universitat Berlin
Urban Climate and Heat Stress in mid-latitude cities in view of climate change
May 28 Phil Hurvitz
Title TBA
June 4 Alan Borning
OneBusAway: A Suite of Transit Traveler Information Tools Results and Future Directions