Bryan B. Voelzke, MD, MS

Bryan B. Voelzke, MD, MS

Associate Professor
Department of Urology
University of Washington
School of Medicine


Board Certification

3/10 American Board of Urology

Specialty / Expertise

Dr. Voelzke has a clinical interest in reconstructive urology.  Reconstructive urology includes the surgical management of issues related to the kidney, ureter, bladder and genitals (urethra, penis, scrotum).   The surgical management of urethral stricture disease, adult hypospadias, male stress urinary incontinence, rectourethral fistula, and acute complications related to genitourinary trauma are particular areas of his expertise.  

Following successful management of pelvic cancers, additional reconstructive surgery may be necessary to rehabilitate the lower urinary tract.  Such additional surgery can be vital to improve the patient’s perceived quality of life.  While these cases can be challenging, Dr. Voelzke and his staff are interested in the role of surgical reconstruction to manage surgical- and/or radiation-related issues.      

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