How to Apply

Each year, the Department of Urology has been fortunate to have nearly 300 applicants vying for a position in our residency program. We utilize the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), a centralized application service, to review applicants. During the latter part of September, the program director and a team of urology faculty review all applications to the program, being sure to identify certain qualifications that might make for mutual success:

•    Completeness and uniqueness of application
•    USMLE Scores
•    Letters of recommendation
•    Personal statement and other pertinent documents

Approximately  70 applicants are further considered in an objective manner by overall percentile score. Typically, 50 finalists are invited for a formal interview.

During the interview season, fifty potential resident candidates are interviewed on each of two separate and dedicated days between October and December. All resident candidates are interviewed by the department chairman and the program director so that there will be consistency. The entire Department of Urology faculty are invited to participate in the interview sessions. Urology residents are available throughout the day on each of the two days to meet and greet the resident candidates. An informal dinner is held at the end of each day so that the residents may get better acquainted with the resident applicants.

The entire faculty is invited to participate in the vetting process and final ranking of the interviewed candidates. The urology residents are extremely influential in the final decision, as they provide the faculty with written statements about each candidate applicant.

Resident Selection Process

Urology residents at the University of Washington are selected for our program through the American Urological Association Matching Program in conjuction with the National Resident Matching Program. We consistently match with top candidates. The training program covers all aspects of urologic practice under the auspices of the ACGME. Each year, the first year urology resident is paired with the Program Director who guides the resident as a part of our mentoring program. The relationship is designed to facilitate our training program’s mission: cure, comfort, teach, and wonder. Our overarching goal is to maintain a competitive urology program, which trains future leaders in urology, with thoughtfully planned clinical rotations that focus on evidence-based medicine, teamwork and compassion.

Medical students who apply to our program should be interested in the 3 pillars of Graduate Medical Education, which are: Patient Care, Teaching, and Research. Medical students should be dedicated to hard work as a team member in consortium of 5 very busy, urban hospitals. We look for students who are academically competitive and demonstrate leadership qualities.

The application process for our program, although a very superficial representation of a person, is necessary and is based on the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS.) Ranking applicants for interview from the applicant pool is a difficult process. There is not one important factor that guarantees an interview, much less a position in our program.

The Department of Urology at the University of Washington is dedicated to equal opportunity and unbiased diversity in recruiting and retaining residents who are interested not only in urology but scientific investigation and academic leadership.

Documents required for all applicants:

The matching process is a bit of a mystery, but does entail hard work on the part of the medical student, which can be documented vis-à-vis:

•    a current curriculum vitae,
•    transcript from an accredited medical school,
•    Dean’s letters,
•    USMLE scores,
•    personal statement, and 3-4 letters of recommendations.

The “package gestalt” is important. Given that our department is very research-oriented, we are interested in applicants who demonstrate an interest in the area of research and have possibly published in urology specifically. This stated, publishing is not a requirement for an interview or for acceptance to our program.

Foreign Medical Graduates

The visa policy for the University of Washington School of Medicine requires International Medical Graduates to obtain a J-1 visa sponsored by the ECFMG. The University of Washington Medical Center does not generally provide H1-B sponsorship unless otherwise ineligible for a J-1 visa. H1-B visas are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to approval by the University of Washington GME Office and the University of Washington Office of the Provost. Please see the University of Washington Graduate Medical Education's full visa policy here.

Recruitment Timeline for start date July 1, 2016

Application Deadline: Friday, September 18, 2015
Interview Offers Sent: Thursday, October 1, 2015
Interview Dates: Saturday, November 7, 2015 & Saturday, November 14, 2015

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Education Program Manager
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