A Letter From the Chair

As the Chair of the Department of Urology, my vision is to create the most innovative urology program in the world; where our research, discoveries and practices make a significant positive impact for our patients here and for patients everywhere. We are proud of our accomplishments to date, but there is still much to be realized.Our progress is powered by significant investments that provide the brightest and best minds with the resources required to take on major challenges. While research grants do count for some of this investment, direct financial support from individuals is crucial, particularly for early and higher risk new initiatives.

To speed the pace at which innovations are delivered to our patients, we are breaking down barriers between practicing urologists and PhD researchers. Priority areas that build on our core strengths include urological cancer care, minimally invasive surgery, pediatric urology, men’s health, and trauma/reconstruction.

A major priority for the department is to create “interaction space” that uses architecture and information technology to enhance collaboration and interdisciplinary work. New interactions between scientists and urologists promise to change how we detect early bladder cancers, treat and move kidney stones within the body using ultrasound, prevent urological complications of diabetes, and detect persistent prostate cancer cells after surgery.

In order to create the next generation of urological thinkers and surgeons, we are designing the education of the future. For urology residents, this will include strong mentorship relationships as well as individualized learning plans that combine advanced simulation and robotics technology. I firmly believe in the power and efficacy of doctors and residents sharing knowledge face-to-face, but it is also a priority for the department to provide the technological platform through which we can accelerate the pace at which surgeons learn new techniques. 

Oh behalf of the entire department and faculty, we sincerely appreciate your belief in and support of our mission. I invite you to join us in our quest to create a healthier future for everyone.


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