Prostatitis literally means inflammation of the prostate. Prostatitis is a frequently painful condition seen in 10-12% of men. It affects mostly young and middle-aged men. Doctors may have difficulty diagnosing prostatitis because the symptoms are not the same for every patient, and many of the symptoms—such as painful or burning urination and incomplete emptying of the bladder—could be signs of another disease. Other symptoms include frequent urination, feeling of a need to urinate urgently, low back pain, burning in the penis with or without urination, pain in the rectum and scrotal area, lower abdominal pain, pain with ejaculation and fever or chills.

The prostate is a gland the size of a walnut that sits at the bottom of the bladder in men, the urethra, the tube that empties the urine out of the bladder runs right through the prostate. The prostate produces the fluid in semen.


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