UA Intranet 2.0 Arrives!

Eleven months after launching the new UA Intranet, we are happy to announce UA Intranet  2.0.  Sounds good, you think, but what are you getting?

  • Fresh home page with streamlined buttons, a better Consolidated Calendar display, and revamped scrolling Advancement Announcements posts.
  • Conversations, which includes the following:
    • Staff Profiles.  You customize with profile picture and a description of what you do.
    • Groups.  Membership-based conversations allow you to manage who participates.  The first two groups are for the Intranet Leadership Team and ARRM.  If you would like to start up a new group there is a new group request page.
      • Forums.  Groups have the option of using the Forum feature for private or open conversations on a top
Etiquette always applies.  See the links above for new group request, responsibilities of a group administrator, and staff profile guidelines.
Thanks for 11 months of great feedback, participation, and use of the UA Intranet.
Chris McEwen, Tuan Vo, Betsy Hauenstein and Wayne Gillam

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