Broad-Based Engagement


Broad-Based Engagement programs are defined as events and activities designed to invite broad segments of alumni to engage with the University of Washington.  The purpose of the programs is to create sustainable relationships between alumni and the UW.


  • To reach as many different alumni as possible with quality, traceable, UW-related interactions.
  • To thematically package events to help generate sponsorship revenue.
  • To utilize programming to assist with UWAA membership acquisition and renewal.

Success Metrics

  • Event attendance.
  • Event quality (based on post-event survey analysis).
  • Number of attendees who become or renew as UWAA members.
  • Sponsorship revenue resulting from successful events.

 Types of Programs

Audience Segmentation

Broad-Based Engagement programming focuses on different audience segments, including:
  • By Region - including 35 chapters across the nation
  • By Age Group